Tag: You can not make this stuff up

Is this for real?

When I read the article about Chechnya’s leaders cracking down on sorcerors, I thought these dudes where spending way too much time playing role playing games and probably wizard or druid fanatics. Then I read the stuff and realized this crap was for real.

Sorcers, psychics, and faith healers may be on the way out in Chechnya, where the leader of the mountainous, overwhelmingly Muslim region in Russia’s Caucasus has ordered a crackdown on the practices.

Now why would people do something crazy like this? What is the reason that they suddenly go gangbusters on charlatans lik this? It’s right at the tip of my tongue, but it escapes me. Something about something of peace and tolernace and all that…

It’s not like these people had some religious revelation or something.