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Meanwhile, Back in Reality

With the Trump campaign in full meltdown, it’s easy to miss some of the other big news going around. At any other time, these would be our headlines.

  • We are practically in a shooting war with Yemen.
  • Obama is claiming he fired a bunch of people over the VA scandal. This is a lie. Only three were actually fired. One was suspended, one firing was reversed, three retired, five resigned and two were demoted. If a political campaign fired that many people, it wouldn’t even make the news.
  • And in probably the scariest news, tensions are escalating with Russia, with the Russians moving nuclear missile submarines and recalling overseas personnel. Just as a reminder: one of our major Presidential candidates has proposed getting into a shooting war with the Russians over Syria. Over Syria. And it was not Donald Trump who said that.

This is yet another reason why I was opposed to the radioactive hamster. If the GOP had nominated Rubio, the October Surprise would be his overdue water bill and he’d be hitting Clinton hard on Russia. If the GOP had even nominated Bush, we’d be talking about some minor dumb thing he did as governor and he’d be hitting Clinton hard on the VA. Instead, we’re talking about Trump’s serial groping and total ignorance of policy. Look at all three of those stories — major challenges that will face the next President — and tell me that you trust either of these two jackanapes to handle them.

Yemen and Tunisia

A small protest outside our embassy in Tunisia. Other in Morocco and Sudan. Flag burned in Gaza (but that could just be because it’s Thursday). Large violent protests in Egypt and Yemen. But Libya seems to be trying to stay on the sane side and there are indication Libyan government forces fought to defend our ambassador (although security seems to have been generally inadequate). And the supposed offending film keeps getting more mysterious.

But I’m beginning to think the film is a red herring. This seems to be more of a generalized anti-US sentiment spurred by radical Islamists.

Updates as events warrant.

Undie Bomber II

Bit late on this, but I’ve been in a car for most of the last 24 hours:

Investigators were studying an explosive device Tuesday that they say terrorists in Yemen crafted to slip past airport metal detectors and onto an airplane bound for the United States.

U.S. intelligence agents thwarted the plot two weeks ago after receiving a tip from Saudi Arabia, a source familiar with the operation said Tuesday. Authorities have said airline passengers were never in danger and that the would-be bomber no longer poses a threat.

Even so, the plot highlights the resolve of terrorists to attack the United States a year after the U.S. military killed Osama bin Laden in a stunning raid inside Pakistan.

The good news is that this wasn’t even close to happening. We’ve had them in our sites for a few weeks at least, based on a tip from someone in Saudi Arabia. The bad news is that this shows we still have an enemy out there and they are working hard on evading our security procedures.

This also confirms that Yemen is the main source of Al Quaeda, not Afghanistan. I mean, we knew that because of the drone strikes. But now we’re seeing it in even clearer focus.

al-Awlaki Dead

Anwar al-Awlaki just became the latest in what is becoming a pretty impressive tally for this Administration:

A missile fired from an American drone aircraft in Yemen on Friday killed Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical American-born cleric who was a leading figure in Al Qaeda’s affiliate there, according to an official in Washington.

Many of the details of the strike were unclear, but the official said that the drone fired a Hellfire missile and killed Mr. Awlaki, whom the United States had been hunting in Yemen for more than two years.

Yemen’s Defense Ministry confirmed Mr. Awlaki’s death, and both Yemeni and American officials hailed the strike as a significant success in the campaign to weaken Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a group American officials believe to be the most dangerous Qaeda affiliate.

You can read the NYT for the details of al-Awlaki’s hideous career. And you can read the debate over whether the President had the authority to kill him in the usual quarters.

War number 4?

That’s what this sure as hell is starting to look like:

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has intensified the American covert war in Yemen, exploiting a growing power vacuum in the country to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets, according to American officials.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree these bastards need killing and am behind the policy. But I bring this up – along with this story about how the cost of the non-war in Libya is skyrocketing, which I believe we have no reason in being involved in – to point out to those that think Obama wasn’t just a two faced liar when he grandstanded about how the policies of the previous administration were bad. He is taken what was done and so heartily disapproved of by the left to a new level. Of course, now we don’t have the moonbats all up in arms about any of this.

Maybe Obama is trying to out-Bush Bush? He’s looking to score a tie at least the way things are going. Funny how when you are the top guy, and the on that will get the blame if another terrorist attack happens and Americans get killed, you suddenly start doing much the same, if not more, than the guy you constantly lambasted for doing all of that.


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