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Hey Mr DJ: Ring of Power Edition

The Hobbit comes out in theaters next weekend. I’m a life-long fan of the book. No surprises there. Still, I’ll pass on seeing it in the theater. A night out at the movies is too much to spend for a story that I already know. And if I need to see awe-inspiring visuals of New Zealand’s natural wonders, I’ll ask CM to get a camera and email me some landscape shots or something. No, I can wait for this on Netflix.

I did enjoy the LOTR trilogy, even though there were a few changes that annoyed me. Nevertheless, I can always get into a great story, especially if it’s supported by great scenes and special effects (not eye-raping me with them, Mr. Lucas)

Let’s take this week’s DJ thread on an epic fantasy quest with dragons, space cowboys, magic items, nightmare creatures, beautiful princesses, and sorcery. I, Lord Thrill the Fell Lyricmancer of the Middle-West, have made my evil decree demanding:

1. All music with a fantasy or sci-fi element (ok, but not preferred) in the title, lyrics, sound, or video.  Myth, legend, fairy tales etc

2. Anything from any fantasy-type film or television soundtrack

3. By request, let us pay homage to the legendary, late Dave Brubeck.

4. You may undertake a solo quest and play your own off-topic selections…Know though that you’ll be totally DOOMED!

5. Music about nerd-dom.  Nerd persecution is permitted too, even though none of us will really be free until it ends, saith Gilbert.

Bilbo Ballad Bonus: A song that tells a whole story within 1-5.

Crom, aid me. Or not. In that case…TO HELL WITH YOU!

First up is the worst song on the topic I know of. Ever may it curse and trouble this unhappy world.

Next, a Brubeck tribute: That Old Black Magic

Who will dare challenge me with the dark ranks of my leftwing troll army and wicked MP3 spellbook? Lo! Perhaps these Brass Age Heroes of Yesterweek?

For pfluffy, Slayer of Minaj: Within You by David Bowie

For Santino, Champion of the North and Bearer of the Mithril Codpiece: The Crane Wife  by The Decemberists

For Mississippi Yankee, Commander of the Right from the King’s Hellhound Riders: Princess and the Frog by Jim Jones Revue

For Iconoclast, Paladin of the Holy Order of Van Halen’s Axe: FantasMic by Nightwish

For Biggie G, High Cleric of Darkened Souls: Paladin’s Last Stand by The Black Angels

The embedded video is your playlist.  I’ll update it as I can get to it.  I’m busy, being an evil overlord and all that.


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