Tag: Wrong kind of body art

All right, this is funny..

But all did not end well:

ARLINGTON, Va. A Virginia man was arrested after allegedly attacking his roommate for drawing a penis on his face with permanent marker while he was asleep. Police say the attack happened at about 5.30am on March 23, when James Denham Watson, 31, awoke to find a drawing of male genitalia on his left cheek. Watson then attacked his roommate, causing extensive facial injuries, reports CBS Washington DC.

Having someone draw a cock on your face, especially with ink that is hard to remove, sucks ass. Then again, I doubt this guy is such a heavy sleeper that someone drawing on his face went unnoticed, so I am assuming mind altering substances might have been involved. Never pass out around people that find takiing advantage of your condition is funny, or deal with the consequences.

Hey CM, how often have you woken up to find a penis drawn on your face? Don’t lie. i can ask your significant other how often she has done it and get you in trouble. Just kidding.