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Hey Mr DJ: In Deep Petulance Day Edition

Hoot and holler all you like, but Fourth of July has no meaning for me. The list of holidays I have come to despise still finds Christmas in the top slot, but Independence Day is safely perched right below it at number two.

My negative attitude toward certain holidays is mostly based on both how those holidays have been corrupted away from any sense of their original meanings combined with the degree to which I get personally annoyed by any aspect of the holiday. In the latter case, I could ignore Independence Day as easily as, say, Labor Day if not for the local non-cursive-reading Trayvon Martin fanboys detonating what I swear was a half-stick of dynamite on the night of the 3rd at 1:30 AM less than a block away.

As for the meaningless nature of Independence Day, I can only point to what this country has become and is in the process of becoming. We are well on our way to either a socialist oligarchy or dissolution along political/ethnic/regional lines, whether it takes five years or fifty. Whatever happens, I suppose it will be a blessing if it all goes down peacefully, but it would also be pathetic if it did. Consider how the US was founded and what it has been through ever since, you know.

The incompetence and cynical hypocrisy of our government (which Americans loved enough to return to office last November) continues to dazzle those of us who still have the ability to be stunned by anything. US foreign policy is a wreck. The Administration destabilized the entire Middle East for no apparent purpose. Its favored head of state in Egypt has fallen, with barely a whimper. The revolution has already degenerated into a military dictatorship, as so often happens. And don’t even get me started on Syria. We have also discovered that the US is held in such low esteem that we can’t even get a spy extradited away from the temporary protection of our biggest rivals.

We are weakening every year on the world stage and chained to protecting useless allies and propping up dependent failed states. When our government does arm and support winning allies, it turns out that they’re really our sworn enemies.

Domestically, there isn’t much better to report. The Administration has callously refused to enforce its own health care “reform” law, in violation of that law, for clearly political reasons. I’d laugh at the Democrats for the stupidity of it all, but I cannot forget that Obamacare was always intended to fail. Once it does, the Almighty US Government will take charge and bring among the most critical aspects of our lives under its control. There won’t be any stopping it at that point, you know.

But can it all go down peacefully? What nobody seems to want to talk about is the insane degree to which the American population is arming itself. Yeah, lots of stories are covering how interesting it is that firearms sales are way up and that ammunition is getting hard to find even for law enforcement agencies, but nobody is really asking why Americans are purchasing those guns and all that ammunition. That or everyone knows and they don’t want to speak it out loud.

I’ll say it plainly: Americans are likely arming in anticipation of defending themselves against each other and we should be as worried about that as we are IRS abuses. Whether or not the Spirit of 1776 is still alive, the Circumstances of 1776 are certainly with us right now. A distant, out-of-touch, and occasionally hostile government; taxation and bureaucratic tyrannies; an armed countryside; and a very divided homefront. Either I’m paranoid or those who say I am are blind. George III’s government could count on the support and approval of at least 1/3 of the American colonists. What does the current federal government have? A 20% approval rating?

Welcome to your 4th of July hangover.


1. Liberty or Death: Play it safe with some patriotic music. Try not to think about how disappointed the great American heroes from the past would be at how we turned out.

2. Her Intercourse with Foreign Nations: Something for the furriners. Songs and artists that best portray how you view the US, good or bad.

3. You May Fire When Ready: For better or worse, 4th of July is all about blowing things up, cooking meat outside, and accidentally burning down the neighbor’s house. Let your annual pyromania run wild.

Baked Apple Pie Bonus: Nobody wants to fight and die for Barack, but here’s a place for songs that do identify things worth putting your life on the line for.

First up is a very special one for me:

Mississippi Yankee: Independence Day by Martina McBride. I defy anyone to listen to this song without thinking about kicking Sean Hannity in the shins.

Santino: Bullet the Blue Sky by U2

stogy: This Fffire by Franz Ferdinand

InsipiD: Cannonball by The Breeders

Alex: The Art of Self Defence by The Jesus Lizard

pfluffy: Firestarter by The Prodigy

Iconoclast: Feurer Frei by Rammstein

CM: I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie and NIN

WVR: When I Burn this Place Down by Firewater: