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Did I call it, or what?

In this post from a week or so ago where I pointed out how the whole poor Martin vs. evil racist Zimmerman story seemed to be full of holes and things that looked like outright lies by the LSM, I mentioned how NBC had inexplicably altered audio from that event. The issue was how what NBC ran made Zimmerman look like he was bigot and racist, when the real clip proved the exact opposite. NBC, when caught told everyone they would investigate the issue. I promised you would get a pile of bullshit from them, and
they don’t disappoint at all. NBC’s response?

During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret. We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers.

An error? They have no shame, I tell you. This faux apology smacks of the whole TANG thing at See-BS, where they too claimed that the travesty they tried to pull off was an error. The whole TANG thing was manufactured hit piece, done to affect an election, completely based on falsehoods and easily seen for the fabrication that it was, and yet the perps, when caught, kept telling us that while they had been had by the people that pulled this thing off, the point still stood that Boosh-Hitler was a draft dodger because they wanted it to be so. Nobody doubts this hit piece was done to hurt Bush in the 2004 election. And too many things tied to this case, but especially this doctored tape to make Zimmerman look like a racists, at a time when the LSM is carrying story after story replete with falsehoods that push the racist narrative, smack of more of the same.

The water carriers in the media know Obama is in trouble and they are doing their best to control the news cycle in a way that benefits him and hurts his opponents. How many other such false stories have they gotten away with so far? And expect a lot more news stories from the LSM that will be made up or so slanted as to qualify as just that. And when they get caught or called on it, expect a lot of apologies like this one that are plain bullshit. The LSM knows the original story sticks with their people, while the apology will not be seen by all the people that will keep believing the lies.