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How About A Swap, Straight Up?

When you think about it, there really is no comparison. Putin is more of a man, more of a leader, more patriotic, and more focused and direct on navigating his path. Is there any man event (hunting, fishing, clubbing, poker, road trips, even watching sports) where Obama would be a preferable wingman than Putin?

Over at The People’s Cube, they got a nice little graphic of the lady jean wearing, bowing, effeminate leader of the free world, next to the guy that could emasculate him with just a stare.

Given that presidential hopefuls are already gearing up for the 2016 election, we’d like to remind you to vote for Vladimir Putin in the Democratic primaries. Any way you look at it, Putin is still cooler than Obama and more experienced than Hillary.

The judo graphic is priceless.

Of course Putin wouldn’t go for it, he is winning on the the horse he rode in on. Putin has no worries about term limits and gets to set the world’s agenda, he decides which border country gets rolled next, where Obama can stick his red line, and when Anders Fogh Rasmussen has to wear a dress.

If only Putin was born in Kenya, the possibilities.