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Pity The Button On That Jacket

Unlike the English Parliament (Is it OK to call them “English”?) or other legislative bodies around the world where defending one’s honor right there on the floor is not some fashion of a bygone era, our legislative process is positively somnambulatory. The hours are pretty good, pliable interns, and no wasting time reading the bills that they vote on, no, the worst part is sitting through those bloody god awful sessions. But the other day we got to see some real action, including a 20 yard sprint by Pelosi (the most exercise she has seen since running to her wineries to clear out all the illegals before ICE showed up), take a look (stick with it, it’s worth it);

I guess a congress minute is not like a real minute to you and me, no, congress minutes can go 5-6 minutes long. Good thing no one was standing in the line of fire of that jacket button, she has gotten Hillary plump.

I find it hilarious when ever libs (especially Catholic libs) try to recruit religion, religious leaders, or religious ideas to their side, it always makes them look uncomfortable and sqeevy. I wonder if this is the same Congress of Catholic Bishops that slammed her for her stance on abortion, refusing her communion?

And the parable of the good Samaritan (at least she didn’t project “What would Jesus do?”, hopefully that building is well grounded against lightening strikes)they always fail to see the distinction between individual following his conscience, and a government that is ruled by law. This Samaritan did not take the stranger to the nearest house then force those homeowners to take care of him, he did not go to the local village and institute a new “stranger” tax for all the people to pay in order to provide for this stranger, it was an individual act of kindness and charity, not subsidized by the collective.

For all the blather about this being an affront to our character, not who we are, she should speak for herself, the majority feels differently.