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Scott Walker, Real Job Creator

For those 25 million out of work, relief is about 1 week away. Although nobody will be watching (let’s see, do I want to watch the Packer/Saints game or Obama stumble through yet another attempt at a big government solution to something it was never suited for? Tough call) a cutting edge sure to please the sycophantic easily impressed WH press corps jobs proposal will be presented, thumb? Meet hole in dyke. With a shovel in one hand and a shiny new costly stimulus plan in the other, we will be introduced to the results of all that brain storming between bike rides on his new Schwinn and all the gopher killing golfing. But no sooner did he secure some air time when this was announced, something people really want to see.

Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have decided to have a pillow fight, in lingerie, on September 8th. The event just happens to coincide with Obama’s jobs plan speech. Coincidental like. Purely accidental.

Asked for comment, Obama said, “f*ck you.”

Giving the president an early boost Wis. governor Scott Walker has already grabbed some bull horns, and managed to get rid of some dead wood in the process:

Pity Ginny Fleck. She is a 69-year-old German teacher in the Green Bay Public School District who has decided to retire as a result of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s requirement that teachers now pay in to their pension accounts.

According to the state Department of Public Instruction, Fleck’s total compensation package was $88,292 last year ($58,750 in salary, the rest in benefits.) She estimates Walker’s reforms will cost her $8,000 this year — so her compensation package would only be around $80,000 — an apparent slap in the face for a teacher nearing 70 years old. According to this Associated Press article, Fleck has decided a salary of zero would be preferable to taking eighty grand of Walker’s blood money.

In retiring, Fleck has joined with nearly 5,000 other public-school employees in hanging it up this year. That is nearly twice the number of retirements Wisconsin school districts traditionally see in any given school year — 2,527 called it quits in 2010. That’s 5,000 teachers who have decided, in the words of a famous Pearl Jam song, that they would rather starve than eat Scott Walker’s bread.

It should be noted that this old biddy will not be starving or earning zero in salary, she will have a nice fat cushy pension to keep her warm at night. A pension which she was paying zero dollars into for all these years but now with Walker spurred changes, teachers will have to actually contribute some of their own money into their pension, oh, the outrage. What has caused all these altruistic doing it for the children and not the money teachers to say ,”What? the gravy train is over? see ya” is that now they will have to pay 5.8% of their monthly salary into their own pension plan and 12.6% into their own healthcare (still a bargain, wait till Obamacare kicks in).

Another thing to consider and something that affected me personally, walking away from working and retiring is easy to do with a pension to fall back on. Wisc. teachers use the highest 3 years salary to calculate pensions, they can max out at 70% (for me it was 90%). 70% for doing nothing vs. 100% (minus these new changes that will reduce the monthly payout)for continuing to work, depending on your financial situation, not such a tough call after all.

All these new openings for teaching positions will spur the Wisc. economy and reduce unemployment (two people paying taxes into the system, one still working and one retired) but where before there was one teacher doing one job, now there is one teacher at that job and one ex teacher drawing a pension sitting at home. Whether that is a net gain for productive output, probably a wash.

I will probably Tivo Obama’s job speech, not missing NFL, and I hope the smartest president in history and all those ivy league pinheaded academicians on the WH payroll can come up with something remotely in line with free market capitalism/private sector job growth, but more than likely this will be another petulant “killing my buzz” attack on those that have so far impeded his progress and more expensive debt growing big government “been there/done that” stuff of the past.