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Got buried by the white stuff in CT (Edit to add pics)

Well this Nemo was one doozy of a snowstorm. Our governor finally lifted the travel ban. I snow plowed last night for over 3 hours because I already had 2 feet of snow on the ground by midnight, and more snow was going to be falling.

This morning I went out after the storm stopped around 11 AM, and did some more snowb plowing. We had gotten another 8 inches by then. Had to send my kid up on roof to push of the snow off, because there just was too much on it, and I was seeing all these stories of collapsed roofs everywhere. At least the snow was dry and powdery and easy to move. It also caused a lot less power failures because it didn’t stick to and bring trees down. People are digging out as fast as they can, but we have so much snow everywhere that it is going to be days before we get anywhere near decent.

Anyone else in the path of this ugly thing on this site?


Snowstorm in CT on 2-8-2013

This is a picture outsde my basement window. That pile is almost 6 feet tall and there is close to 4 feet of snow everywhere else.