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Ryan the Oenophile

I was going to post something about this ridiculous nontroversy about Paul Ryan drinking … wine. But Radly Balko lined it up perfectly. Apparently, a mildly intoxicated Rutgers professor saw Paul Ryan drinking a $350 bottle of wine with some economists. And because he’s cutting spending … um … Christ, I don’t know. But TPM seems to think this is a BIG DEAL and is making it sound as sinister as possible.

No word on whether similar outrage is being thrown at Democrats who live high on the hog while borrowing $4 trillion from future generations. No word on whether similar outrage is vetted at Democrats who toss millions and millions of more Americans into the Medicaid gulag while they enjoy the best health insurance on the planet. No word on whether similar outrage is being vetted at Democrats who enjoyed an all-expense paid trip to Illinois while Wisconsin was going to bankrupt. No …

Ah, fuck it. These guys just hate Paul Ryan because he had the temerity to recognize the fiscal trainwreck we are headed for. That’s really all there is to it.