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The Latest White House Oops

You may remember the scandal, a few years ago, when Secret Service agents and military personnel in the President’s advance security detail in Colombia hired a few prostitutes. While prostitution is legal in Colombia, it was felt that the agents endangered security by their behavior. They were seeing these women and drinking heavily when they should have been preparing for the President’s arrival; they invited them up to their rooms in a security violation; they … Read more

Secret Service Swings and Misses


Secret Service Director Julia Pierson will face questions about how an armed intruder jumped the White House fence and made it as far as the East Room when she testifies before a House committee on Tuesday.

Sources confirmed to Fox News on Monday that 42-year-old Omar Gonzalez overpowered a Secret Service officer in the Sept. 19 incident — this led to a struggle and “wrestling” inside the executive mansion as he darted through.

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Peaceful Secession Not an Option

That’s probably the most sensational headline I could have gone with, but it does get to the point of those petitions demanding that the White House allow states to secede.

Although the founders established a perpetual union, they also provided for a government that is, as President Lincoln would later describe it, “of the people, by the people, and for the people” — all of the people. Participation in, and engagement with, government is the

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If evil Boosh was president…

You can bet your ass that the LSM would be screaming about how the government was a bunch of fascists, especially because of revelations like this:

Lawmakers charged with merging the House and Senate versions of the National Defense Authorization Act decided on Tuesday to drop a provision that would have explicitly barred the military from holding American citizens and permanent residents in indefinite detention without trial as terrorism suspects, according to Congressional staff

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Louisiana Considers Secession to Delight of Non-Residents

If you’re not following Victoria Jackson on Facebook (yes, her), you really need to.  She reads WND and believes it so you don’t have to.

Some intrepid people in Louisiana have submitted a petition to the White House to let their state secede from the Union.  Again.   It’s stupid, of course, because if they meet their quota, the White House will just say “no” and the president will no doubt take the opportunity to … Read more

Election 2012: IV. Why We Should Vote Against Barack Obama

(This is the fourth of five posts I will put up over the weeks of and after the conventions, exploring my thoughts on the Presidential election. Parts one and two were reasons to vote for and against Mitt Romney; Parts three and four will be reasons to vote for and against Barack Obama. Part five will wrap up. Keep in mind, this is my thinking as we went through the conventions. It’s likely that Read more

Happy Dependent Mother’s Day!

From the White House website:

These people really are shameless.

(And while I’m up … it’s still disgusting how insurance companies charging women more because they use more healthcare is seen as some evil plot needing government intrusion. It shows that the Left really don’t understand what insurance is. Insurance is risk management. I just had a $20,000 surgery, which would have been a devastating cost, but was manageable because it was effectively spread out … Read more

If GWB had done…

THIS, you can bet the LSM would be all over the story, pointing out that the speed of this investigation’s conclusion is a sign of not much investigating and just should send up red flags, and the hammering at the fact that the investigators and the perps are one and the same. Instead they tell us all is well and to focus at the parade of bullshit they are passing off as news to … Read more

I knew this was all politics and not about solutions…

In a move that pissed me off, the congressional republicans buckled and offered the democrats $300 million in new taxes, only to have the democrats rebuff the offer, now making it all but obvious that their intent from the beginning was to have the special debt-reduction committee, which has two weeks left, fail for political reasons.

Congressional Republicans have for the first time retreated from their hard-line stance against new taxes, offering to raise

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One promise Team Obama plans to keep..

And that is to make us all pay a lot more for our electric utilities in order to push his stupid green agenda, which I remind you all produced such doozies as Solyndra and have cost the tax payers billions of wasted dollars, on an unwilling customer.

Already weary of high gas prices and 9.1 percent unemployment, many Americans are about to get another kick in the wallet thanks to large increases in their electricity

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