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They Grow Up So Fast

Our Whacky Putter-in-Chief just made another gaffe, bless his little heart. While trying to scold Congress for not doing their job and goofing off too much (yeah, irony alert of the century) he got too cute by half in using his kids as examples of diligence:

Well, at least he got their names right, teleprompter be praised. Turns out Malia is only 12. Yes, she will be 13 soon (13 does come after 12) so he did have basic math on his side. A small oversight, not worthy of making every single news feed like a John Wayne/Waterloo Iowa gaffe. That old joke about so and so couldn’t be any dumber if his head was cut off, only reserved for Republicans of course, and when you think about it, it is remarkable that they kept that curtain closed for as long as they did. But I think our president is finally getting exposed for the light weight that he always was.

The Congress does need a good swift kick in the butt, but the last time Obama tried his hand at budgeting it got voted down by the Senate 97-0, maybe he should just stick to cheer leading and let the adults do the actual working with the numbers.