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Hey Mr DJ: Fly Spy Edition

I put this post off until the last minute this week. Worse, I’m feeling a bit ill today.

Therefore, I am punishing everyone with a brief post. Yes, betraying the trust you have in me to safeguard this top secret playlist.

This week’s theme centers around Snowden. I’m surprised by how neutral I feel about him. Neutral as in “in between”. It’s not that I’m indifferent about the story–I’m not at all–it’s just that I simultaneously think it was pretty awesome that he struck a blow for privacy rights in the most public and grandiose way he could and also that it was a despicable crime for him to do. I’m delighted that he’s embarrassing the President and disgusted that he’s shaming his country.

Strange to think that by making us aware of how closely Big Brother is watching us, Snowden has guaranteed that the US Government will never stop watching him and waiting for the chance to grab him. He does seem to have thought every aspect of this through, so it’s safe to assume that he understands the fact.

Yet he’s so calm about things. Does he have a clear conscience or is he just so self-absorbed and self-righteous that he is accustomed to acting proud of things he should be ashamed of?



1. Absconding for Asylum: Some good travelling music, escape, or songs about getting over on The Man.

2. Pole-dancing for Privacy: That doesn’t make any sense now that I read it. Still…it’s about picking some good stripper music for the girl he left behind.

3. Cloak and Flashdrive: Cunning spy shit. Get the drop on me, if you can.

Wackyleaks Bonus: Songs with Too Much Information. This is open to interpretation.

WVR: Roam by The B-52’s (1)

stogy: Around the World by Daft Punk (1)

Biggie G: Airport Taxi Reception by Sondre Lerche (1, 3)

Mississippi Yankee: The Shocker by Steel Panther (It’s very underhanded, in a manner of speaking).

InsipiD: Easy Way Out by Gotye (1)

pfluffy: You Know My Name by Chris Cornell (Casino Royale. 3)

Santino: Let’s Take a Trip Together by Morphine (1)

Iconoclast: Flying North by Thomas Dolby (1)

Time is now 8:45 PM, CDT. I can’t believe I bothered with dedications. Off to lie down…