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What Should I Be Watching?

From the Nation Of Criminals post some of us got a bit sidetracked and started talking about TV shows. An illustration of how scattered I am at times, I am always complaining that there is never anything on (I got Dish Network Gold, so I get like a gazillion stations) but since I don’t watch that much TV (ESPN and Foxnews mainly, Tennis Channel, TCM, sporting events, but that’s pretty much it) I don’t have the patience to sit through a regular series (with commercials) so there is little I am a fan of. Here is how pitiful I am, I have never watched Friends, The Sopranos, Seinfeld, The Wire, BSG, or any other big time TV show………….I know, what a dufus.

A few years ago I got hooked on Dexter, so I buy the season DVD’s. I have watched The Office (not as good as the BBC original Ricky Gervais version) and Party Down (A Showtime series that was really good, but they only made 2 seasons worth). I watched the first few episodes of Hawaii 5-0, but got behind and never came back. That’s it, not a fan of anything else.

So, here is the question, I got Netflix and access to the best Library on the planet, they stock everything, what shows do you like, that think they are superlative and well worth me getting in to? Good writing is key, duh, something that will make me care about the characters. You can rate them in tiers if you like or just list the shows in order of watchabilty. Anything to get me off of this devil computer.