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Not sure how many people here have seen the price jump on standardized ammunition calibers and the accompanying shortages that make restocking 9mm and 10mm rounds a monumental exercise. Manufacturers in the US have been going balls to the walls to keep up with demand, as citizens, correctly feeling the heavy hand of those members of Leviathan that want to shit all over the 2nd amendment and disarm the sheeple, stock up on the ammunition. It’s that philosophy that heavy metals are needed to deal with the catastrophic consequences of the idiotic decisions our government is making. I am talking about buying gold, silver, and the ultimate heavy metal, lead, as a precautionary strategy to our reckless fiscal and social policies, which can’t be sustained on unicorn farts and liberal wishful thinking and are setting us on course for a societal implosion.

Many have pointed out that while the military has been gobbling up a lot of ammo, the real outlier is the ridiculous purchases by the DHS. Oh, big sis tells us they aren’t buying that many rounds or that they need those rounds for training. They even claim they are doing this because they want to save tax payers money, and these bulk purchases supposedly do just that. Of course, since it is these bulk purchases driving the scarcity and the price hikes, one can be forgiven for thinking that line is all bullshit. There is something else at work here. Queue the belief that there is an ulterior motive for the DHS purchases, and as the article points out, we got more of the same from the DHS:

Officials at the Department of Homeland Security denied Thursday that its large-scale ammunition purchases were an effort keep bullets out of the hands of private citizens.

At a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, top DHS training officer Humberto Medina said he could “say categorically that was not a factor at all” in the purchases. He also noted that ammunition DHS purchased would be used for both operations and training purchases.

The Associated Press reported in February that DHS was planning to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds over the next five years, a number that sparked fears of government stockpiling – which DHS previously denied to Whispers. Officials told lawmakers DHS actually was planning to buy only up to 750 million rounds.

But, the information that should immediately stand out to anyone with two firing neurons as odd and contradictory is the following:

But Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said it still looked like the government was unnecessarily amassing ammunition.

“The idea that you have to have excess rounds, year after year, flies in the face of common sense,” Issa said. Medina argued that DHS keeps a reserve of ammunition because of market fluctuations and because of past problems with vendors.

In fiscal year 2012, DHS purchased more than 103 million rounds of ammunition, to be used by about 70,000 DHS officers who are currently authorized to use weapons. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Thursday that “the math” didn’t make sense, pointing out that this means an average 1300-1600 rounds per DHS officer – some 1000 rounds more than the average for an officer in the Army.

That’s a lot of extra ammo. Granted that’s what an officer shoots in the Army, not the grunts, but I will bet that even the grunts don’t get to fire off even half that many rounds a year, period. WTF makes the DHS agents so much more special? Especially in a time of war.

Leviathan’s agents can deny all they want that this is not a big deal, but I am not buying it. The proof that this government has hated the SCOTUS’ Heller decision is ample. From the
DOJ’s cover up of a scandalous and bogus operation that is tantamount to an act of war against the sovereign Mexican state to the despicable attempted gun grabbing legislation that used the emotions caused by the tragic Newtown massacre to bamboozle citizens into letting Leviathan piss on our constitution, legislation I add that would have done absolutely nothing of an effective to prevent another Newtown-like tragedy but in the mind of reality challenged idiots, it has been obvious that the focus of these people is on disarming the law abiding citizenry. And the ammunition purchases by the DHS is just a lot more of that. It isn’t

Yeah, I am just a paranoid freak.

It heard this past weekend that it looks like in addition to the billions of bullets DHS was picking up that they have started taking delivery of the 2500 MRAP vehicles they ordered last year. For those that do not know, MRAP stands for Mine Resistant Armor Protected, and defines a special class of vehicle specifically designed to operate in a heavily contests urban/suburban environment where the enemy is going to use IEDs and RPGs to deny the troops in the vehicle the ability to do whatever it is they do. I wonder WTF the DHS knows that we don’t and why it expects to need these vehicles at all. Really, ask yourself what legitimate reason you can think that DHS would they need these sorts of vehicles? Unless they are going to allow the DHS to operate on foreign soil as a military force, these vehicles are for domestic use. Maybe Big Sis takes her assessment that the biggest threat to the country is those right wingers that do not want to go along with Team Blues’ vision of a wealth redistributed collectivist paradise seriously? Don’t worry. Obama told us he was no dictator either.