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Don’t Feed The Animals

Yesterday, while remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we also remembered that in a free society we must tolerate those that sacrifice good taste.

Nice little play pen they got there, what, no sandbox? And with only 3 females(?) present, at least they won’t breed.

The KKK confronting the Westboro haters, I guess the local chapter of the nazi party was at a Bar Mitzvah. When even the semi looney groups think you are “out there”, it might be time to recalibrate your beliefs.

I like how the local police cordoned off the fringe groups into manageable areas, no doubt designed for their protection (notice that none of those 3 lady types would venture within swinging distance of the railing? They may be crazy but they are not stupid).

Standing in front of them with the American flags was a nice touch, but next time Westboro come for a visit, cordon off their cage with a big white canvas, with something appropriately written on it like ,”God loves American soldiers and fags, but he is not too keen on haters”.