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The Welfare Trap

One thing conservatives constantly worry about is the danger of creating a welfare trap: a situation in which the welfare state is so entrenched that working is actually less profitable than being dependent on the state.

Check out this amazing graph from The Spectator on the UK’s welfare system:

How’s that for a perverse incentive? Lost benefits and increased taxes mean that, for a single mother, increasing her earnings from 0 to 15,000 pounds only … Read more

Gutting the 90’s

The biggest accomplishment of the Clinton presidency was a good economy. And it was healthy because of two important related accomplishments that Republicans had a big hand in: balancing the budget and reforming welfare. Well, Bush and Obama have thoroughly abandoned the former accomplishment. Looks like Obama is going after the latter too:

Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of unilaterally gutting welfare reform after the Department of Health and Human Services quietly notified states

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