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The Welfare Trap

One thing conservatives constantly worry about is the danger of creating a welfare trap: a situation in which the welfare state is so entrenched that working is actually less profitable than being dependent on the state.

Check out this amazing graph from The Spectator on the UK’s welfare system:

How’s that for a perverse incentive? Lost benefits and increased taxes mean that, for a single mother, increasing her earnings from 0 to 15,000 pounds only … Read more

This is what job creation looks like in liberal land

Unbelievable. How the left’s policies creates jobs on display! More government work that just sucks cash from the productive sector:

Economic woes have forced at least one city agency into a hiring spree — adding more workers to process the demand for food stamps and other assistance. The Human Resources Administration added more than 100 workers last July and plans to hire another 100 to serve the burgeoning number of New Yorkers applying for

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CBO numbers fail again.

Recently I posted about how the CBO had to downgrade the effects it was claiming for the Patronage Bill. Certain people then proceeded to not just question that this was what happened, while trying to defend this epic trillion dollar failure, but to imply I was purposefully being dishonest about the CBO being dishonest – leaning left in that dishonesty – or the way the LSM reports on this crap. Well, the the usual Read more

That’s because they get it Part Deux.

Manwhore issued me an infantile challenge to put up a post about education. I took some of his request and am writing about the value of an education vs. the cost to get it, and to make the point that there are no job guarantees. While doing the research, I came across a timely and telling story, in the NYT of all places, dealing with the fact, despite the NYT blatant attempt to spin this … Read more

The Efficiency of Fraud

Remember, friends: Medicare is the model for how we should reform healthcare. Medicare for all is what Van Jones Propaganda Party, among others, is demanding.

On Tuesday, a jury found Iruke, his wife and an employee who worked for the couple guilty of healthcare fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud in a scheme that involved more than $14 million in illegitimate Medicare claims.

Authorities said Iruke and associates often supplied power wheelchairs to Medicare

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