The fix is in…

The media has been hard at work pretending Obamacare’s rollout has not been an absolute disaster, either ignoring the plethora of horror stories outright, or when they report, trying to put a positive spin to the whole giant mess. But the truth is that this thing is a disaster. We have seen poor idiots in Washington state be debited for care they are not getting, and in my own state, we have a whole bunch of people that had their cost lowballed. I have so far only had one person tell me Obamacare actually reduced their costs, and couldn’t confirm that, but everyone else has pointed out their costs have gone up.

I had me a giant laugh at the desperate left pretending that this absolute level of ineptness doesn’t mean government sucks. That they honestly feel the need to write this piece of shit article proves they know better. No private company that had botched their rollout of something this big and critical as badly as the team of collectivist idiots have done with the ACA would have survived. They would have been in court dealing with lawsuits and their bankruptcy filings. But we have no means to do that to government. When they fuck you over your only recourse is to bend over, grab your ankles, and ask for seconds. Maybe an IRS audit or a visit from the FBI will remind you of your place.

Obamacare needs to go. It’s a disaster of such epic proportions that the only people still advocating for this idiotic thing are the people fucking the rest of us over.

Are we paying our fair share yet?

We constantly get told that we are not paying up enough of our fair share to help the liberal wealth redistribution schemes and scams buy them votes, but a new study by the CBO shows something quite different:

( – The top 40 percent of households by before-tax income actually paid 106.2 percent of the nation’s net income taxes in 2010, according to a new study by the Congressional Budget Office.

At the same time, households in the bottom 40 percent took in an average of $18,950 in what the CBO called “government transfers” in 2010. Taxpayers in the top 40 percent of households were able to pay more than 100 percent of net federal income taxes in 2010 because Americans in the bottom 40 percent actually paid negative income taxes, according to the CBO study entitled, “The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2010.”

“When refundable tax credits, such as the earned income tax credit and the child tax credit, exceed the other federal tax liabilities of the households in an income group, those households are said to have a negative average tax rate,” said the CBO study. “In its analysis, CBO measured individual income taxes net of refundable credits,” it said. In 2010, the CBO determined, American households in the bottom 40 percent paid negative amounts in income-tax dollars and a negative average income-tax rate.

Much of the progressivity of the federal tax system derives from the individual income tax,” said the report. “In 2010, the lowest quintile’s average rate for the individual income tax was -9.2 percent and the second income quintile’s rate was -2.3 percent.” “A group can have a negative income tax rate if its refundable tax credits exceed the income tax otherwise owed,” said the CBO report.

The households in the top 20 percent by income paid 92.9 percent of net income tax revenues taken in by the federal government in 2010, said CBO. The households in the fourth quintile paid another 13.3 percent of net income tax revenues. Together, the top 40 percent of households paid 106.2 percent of the federal government’s net income tax revenue. The third quintile paid another 2.9 percent—bringing the total share of net federal income tax revenues paid by the top 60 percent to 109.1 percent. That was evened out by the net negative income tax paid by the bottom 40 percent.

And that skew, the wealth transfer, is going to tilt even more that way when Obamacare goes nuclear on our sorry asses. if you think this sort of highway robbery is a good thing, you are a moron. And why can’t we ever get a breakdown that shows the actual money these people get vs. how much of the money collected gets pissed away by Leviathan’s bureaucracy?

Look at it this way: we have a system where out of a group of 50 people in a room – broken down by the tax demographic shown by the numbers in the CBO above – one of these people pays more than all the others combined. But the injustice doesn’t end there. There are 25 people that not only don’t pay any income taxes, but they get to take away money. So the person getting ripped off and the others that pay some or taxes, but get nothing back, are basically outvoted by the people getting money back. The Greeks figured out that was going to be the end of their experiment with democracy over 2500 years ago.

A system where people that not only don’t pay taxes, but they get to collect money from those that do, and that gives them equal representation when electing the scumbags that put these sorts of systems in place, is not just evil, it is downright destructive in the long run, because it is simply not sustainable. And we are seeing that happen finally as most modern western nations with such progressive tax & spend collectivist systems are slowly running out of other people’s money to keep them afloat.

That’s why the democrats are turning us into a banana republic. If you have no skin in the game, you don’t care if the game is wrong. That’s why I feel that people that don’t pay taxes, or worse, get money back from those that do, shouldn’t get a vote when it comes to policies that allow them to get even more money from others. We need a flat tax. Everyone should have to pay. It will fix most of our problems with the tax & spenders and their agenda.

How progressives think the world should work

In a nutshell we can see right of the bat how broken progressives and their ideology are if you pay attention to things happening now. For example, there are a bunch of people agitating for fast food workers to strike and demand they be paid $15 an hour, for a job that can probably be done by monkeys or robots cheaper. At the same time, we have these same people telling physicians that they have to work for less or government controlled pay.

Think about that. Real hard. The message from progressives is that we should pay people whose most difficult task at work might be to flip burgers like kings, but those that have the acumen to put up with one of the most grueling, expensive, and long education tracks, should be treated like slaves of the state.

Yeah, you got to love that way of thinking, don’t ya?

It’s by design, people.

The left would love to tell you that they care about the little guy and that it is those other people, the ones that do not believe the collectivist lie that wealth redistribution is anything but a scheme to enrich the credentialed elite leftists in charge, that is the problem, but despite the propaganda and a lame media that has willingly become the propaganda arm of the left, the truth bears witness to a different story

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is forecasting a difficult holiday season, but Tiffany & Co. just exceeded their earnings estimates by the simple expedient of raising their prices. It’s hard to find a more vivid example of the segmenting taking place in American society: The wealthy are doing very well indeed, while even bargain retailers are having a harder time of things.

I thought of this when I read Charlotte Allen’s new piece in the Weekly Standard about the divide between the vast tech wealth of Silicon Valley and the people who provide them goods and services. It’s hard to excerpt, so you’ll have to read the whole thing, but to summarize, she looks at the way even affluent communities are dividing into the super-rich and the merely extremely well-to-do … who live in what used to be starter homes for the middle class. The regular middle class, meanwhile, seems to be disappearing, squashed outward to more distant suburbs by the immense pressure of housing prices. It is becoming an area of rich and poor, with little in between.

That’s hardly specific to Silicon Valley. The District of Columbia, where I live, has the highest proportion of college graduates in America. The median value of owner-occupied housing is more than twice the national average — and yet our poverty rate is almost 30 percent higher. Manhattan, where I grew up, has similar statistics, except that the median value of owner-occupied housing is more like four or five times the national average, for far less space, light and privacy than most Americans enjoy. Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco … America’s urban centers are starting to look like barbells, incomewise, with a lot of weight at each end and not much in the middle.

Of course, terrible urban policy is partly to blame. All of these places restrict building pretty sharply, which keeps the housing supply well below demand. That is not the only factor at play. Allen wisely points to the difference between the tech boom that built postwar California and the one it is having now: The old boom created lots and lots of middle-class jobs, from design to manufacturing to selling the stuff. The new companies employ a lot of high-end-knowledge workers, but not so many middle managers and secretaries. And they don’t have much of a supply chain; the jobs Google Inc.’s success creates are mostly going to be at Google.

In other words, the middle class isn’t just being pushed outward by bad housing policy, but it’s also being compacted. That’s not always bad news for the individuals involved: Some people are falling down the ladder, but others are leaping upward, making more money than they would have in the past.

This phenomenon is not an accident. It’s part and parcel of what happens when collectivists take control. The collectivists, socialist, or progressives, nothing but marxists pretending to be more enlightened, would love to keep pretending they are about social justice and equality, but that’s nothing but cover for the credentialed elite that take advantage of the rubes that believe this drivel to do their power and wealth redistribution. All these collectivist cults, after all, are about nothing but replacing the current masters with another group of masters. One with even more power and the ability to abrogate even more of the wealth to themselves.

The funny thing is that oft times even the rubes see this phenomenon as it manifests in the ashes of the old USSR, but can’t see that it is part and parcel of the collectivist agenda. What I find a sign of mental deficiency is their attempt to pretend that the communist age was fairer because the powerful had less of the wealth directly tied to themselves, while ignoring that pretending it belonged to the state but having exclusive access to it was more of the same. This story is playing itself out, yet again, in still pretending to be communist China. At least the Chinese no longer pretend that communism wasn’t about new masters and their ability to collect the power and wealth, and not about all that social justice and equality of all nonsense that makes your average OWS hippy retard get an orgasm.

So back to Barack Obama’s new America. How is that Hope & Change working out for you, huh? My sole consolation is that I am hearing that so many now understand that the promise of free healthcare is a ruse to get more control over us serfs. Collectivism results in a two tier system. Those at the top hold all the power and wealth, and the rest will wallow in shared misery. That’s by design, because the easiest thing to give rubes is shared misery. You can’t raise everyone up, but you sure can drag everyone down to the same level. Every collectivist experiment has done that. Some real fast, others at a slower pace. But that’s what it always ends up like. And we are seeing that manifested in the changes Obama has brought to America. Thanks for nothing unicorn fart sniffers.

This is what “Social Justice” always ends up looking like

Everyone will be equally miserable and we will be celebrating failure. And that’s not by accident. Even if everyone was given the exact same opportunity I can guarantee you that the result would vary, and vary vastly, based on what each of us chose to do with that. Progtards simply don’t get, or don’t want to get that. To them the system is unjust unless we all cross the finish line at the same time, and with the same goodies. Otherwise someone got screwed over, and not because they did anything wrong, but because the system is inherently unjust. What a bunch of fucking idiotic gobbledygook, but that’s what they believe. So I can not say I am surprised to find out that “Social Justice” week at the University of Georgia would have a campaign decrying success as an injustice. Yes, you heard that right:

Success stories are EBIL!

Success stories are EBIL!

Shit like this is why I can never be a progressive. As has often been said: progressivism is a mental disorder based on capitalizing on jealousy and greed, by painting others that will not allow the progressives to punish them for their success, as the evil ones. This is the loser’s movement. Only they want to now punish those that do not want to let them rip them off even more, by denying them the opportunity for success. Things go wrong when people, and always the ones with the worst kind of psychosis, start deciding what is allowed and what is not. When they get to pick who wins and who loses. And thing really get bad, shit hitting the fan bad, when they start saying that success must be punished, because it leaves other behind. When everyone is mediocre, we are all going to be miserable: not happy. And anyone telling you that mediocrity is cool because it is “Social Justice” needs to have their head examined.

BTW, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and a whole bunch of other progressives that believed in precisely this sort of “Socials Justice” pushed by the U of G, were not available for comment. They all were too busy counting the souls of the over 100 million they murdered, and the dead included in the countless other billions they put through the misery of “Social Justice”, in their special “Progressive Social Justice Stadium” in hell to talk to me. These guys also disliked success for the masses a lot. BTW, the Obamacare website happens to be a great implementation of what the “Social Justice” these types want looks like.