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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For the sheer constipation factor, that which the Dems feel every time it’s mentioned, the “You did not build that” theme is pure gold. Like a cat with nine lives, trotting it out for affect, regardless of all the sputtering of explanations and clarifications, for longevity alone the theme will resonate. People don’t like being cheated, and they certainly don’t like others taking credit for their success.

The beauty of “going there” is twofold, not only can you trumpet the American spirit of in the pursuit of happiness through the sweat of your brow, but it tics the Dems off every time, as evidenced by those that cry in their beer over the dishonesty of it all. And it provides a kick in the shins to that planet healer with the supposed silver tongue.

If Obama thought he could distance himself from what will go down in history (if he loses) as his single biggest gaffe, he was mistaken. Here is what greeted him in Iowa yesterday:

The salts of the earth, them Iowans:

President Obama received a less than warm welcome and a warning upon arrival at the airport here on the second stop of his Iowa visit, which was aimed at recapturing some of the magic the state gave his run to the White House in 2008.
Greeting Air Force One as it touched down under sunny skies and sultry heat was a hand-painted banner draped across the top of an airplane hangar that reads, “Obama Welcome to SUX – We Did Build This.” “SUX” is the airport code for Sioux City.

I’m sure they meant that with government’s help, help in providing them with jobs so they could afford the paint, help in making the roads so they could drive to the paint store, and help in giving them that quality education so that they could properly spell “We Did Build This”, all that help is acknowledged ahead of time, there, I’m sure the president feels better.

A campaign spokeswoman said the banner was not visible from the presidential motorcade.

I’m pretty sure he saw it, or at least reporting on it.

If he thought hurricanes, more Biden gaffes, or even 30 year old college dead beats who expects the government to subsidize her 10 buck a month birth control costs, to divert attention away from this signature insult, or that the folks would forget that in Obama world, we are only blessed with what he thinks is earned, I’m hoping this is the longest two and a half months of his life.