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I call bullshit

The Mail online has an article titled “Are low-carb diets BAD for you? Nutrition expert claims giving up grains can lead to heart disease and cancer” where they make the following claim:

Low-carbohydrate diets are all the rage, but one nutrition expert has claimed that they may not be as healthy as we think.

According to Dr T Colin Campbell’s new book The Low-Carb Fraud, giving up grains can mean putting yourself at a higher risk for heart disease, cancer and other regenerative diseases.

He says that not only are low-carb diets lacking in nutritional value, but they’re actually even worse than the standard American diet.

The problem, says Dr Campbell, who has 40 years’ experience in nutrition science, is that people who cut out carbs tend to load up on animal protein and fat, which heightens cholesterol levels, sometimes leading to disease.

Even the standard American diet is too high in protein and fat, an imbalance that is merely worsened with a low-carb diet.

Consuming more meat also leads to smaller consequences like headaches, rash, cramps and bad breath, also known as halitosis.

Yeah, sure. Like with everything else I bet it will depend on genetics. My paternal grandfather smoked filterless Camels (2 packs a day) and drank like a lush, and died at the tender young age of 99. The guy gave me the best advice I ever got: don’t booze it up, smoke, or chase tail till you turn 13, and while I never smoked (other than a real occasional cigar) and didn’t start drinking until after I was 19, I did take the other part of his advice at heart.

I myself eat a low carb diet. I changed to that after my regular diet started packing the pounds on. I feel healthier and am able to be a far more active with that diet. I also recently had my annual checkup. My results were so good that the doctor told me to not come back for 2 years, despite the fact that people of my age are strongly encouraged to visit yearly. Even more importantly, he asked me to join a study about cholesterol, considering my number was not just so low, but that my good cholesterol number was higher than my high cholesterol number. Apparently this condition is so rare, and practically unheard off in people my age. I declined because I would have had to drive to Yale twice a week for them to do shit, and was getting nothing in return for the effort worth my while. I asked him to check if I could just deal with the facilities right in my town and have that send there, but Yale wanted nothing to do with that. Their loss.

Now granted, I have good genes, work out regularly and am quite active, eat lots of veggies and fruit with my low carb diet, and while I have lots of bones I broke when I was younger that bother me more these days , and even have some bad habits, they are not the sort that seem to impact me negatively, so I may just be an outlier. The thing is, Low carb diets for couch potatoes could be bad, but I bet a carb diet for the same people is worse.

And everyone should eat more fish, and by fish I don’t mean the ones that come from the ocean, lakes, or rivers. That stuff is like a mircale cure. Besides it sounds like this guy is just selling his book..