Tag: We are becoming a nation of part-time employees

I call bullshit, but it has been made up shit for going on 7 years now

Surprisingly, job reports are out, drastically bucking the trend of the last few months in a major way. This seems to be a trend whenever elections are about to happen and the democrats are worried about the economic numbers, and, as I suspected, it happens because the numbers are rigged.

96% of new jobs in 2013 are part-time jobs

The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that 96% of the jobs added this year are part-time jobs, if you look from January to now. That’s just plain scary shit considering how much worse Obamacare and other leftist policies in the pipeline are going to make things.

Many out there are trying to dispute these numbers. Be careful buying the attempts to pretend that it is only 59% or 63%, because when you dig in, you find that these numbers are using a different timeline to pad the numbers and make the impact less drastic. The truth is that since January we have really become a nation of part-time employment and the trend is accelerating even more.