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VP Debate Post

If presidential debates don’t matter (I heard that somewhere) then tonight’s debate should be relegated to CURRENT TV at the 3am slot, fighting for eyeballs with a Billy Mays infomercial. But I predict the highest rated VP debate in history. How could it not be? Biden has been squirreled away for over a week, sequestered by his handlers:

Ryan, likewise, is tanned, rested, and ready, but what to expect? I guess it would be too good to be true to get something Biden like ,”Gee, Paul, you are rather clean and articulate”, or, “Of course I’m prepared, this is a big F*cking deal”.

In this debate they will be seated, better to conceal the 9 pieces of string (each a different color) he has tied around a his fingers, or the shock collar Axelrod put on him in the dressing room, for when he wonders off the reservation.

I was pleasantly surprised the last time, let’s keep it going.