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Just Shoot Me Now

This democracy thing, what a joke. To think that all you need to vote is to be an American Citizen (for now) and to have a pulse (not in Chicago) and that automatically qualifies you to have a say in how my life will be governed. No education, no training, no qualifications necessary, you can be dumber then a box of bidens (or as dumb as) no problem, just don’t eat that hanging chad when you’re finished. It really is a suckey system.

And this is why we are doomed.

No, it’s not a race thing, Robin is right in that many white folks are equally clueless, and we could make it a separate post to dive into the reason why most feel disconnected; prevaricating politicians, a stifled and bias news media, the feeling that our leaders are all basically lying no good do nothings (except for my guy) and that the problems are just too large to do anything about them, so let me get mine now and STFU.

I get that microphones make some people nervous, and that is probably why each was given about 4 or 5 chances to gather themselves and say “What was that again?”

This is NOT what Jefferson had in mind.