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What’s the fucking mystery?

So CBS Detroit has an article titled “Voting Records Raise Questions After Mummified Body Found” where they wonder how this could happen. Seriously? Fucking Michigan is one of those places where the Democrat machine is so powerful it can even get the dead to come out and vote. There is a reason they don’t mention which party she voted for. If she had voted for a republican you know it would be national news too. And that claim it might be a clerical error, is pure bullshit. It’s the machine covering up for itself.

Lazarus was brought back from the dead, according to the bible, which those that believe consider to be a true miracle. An equally great miracle, if you believe the whole raising the dead thing, is how many people get brought back from the dead every election so democrats can have a chance to win elections. I bet this story dies quickly, because they don’t like what it validates. After all, any kind of voter system that doesn’t allow the dead to vote would hurt the left, so can’t have people understanding how prevalent the fraud is from the left.