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Cine Me

Youtube, probably the best invention since the push up bra, and something we should be able to have fun with here.Hopefully we can make this a regular weekly post, much like the DJ thread, where if something grabbed you, you thought provocative, clever, or even worthy of derision and scorn, we can talk about it. Anything is grist for mill, but woe be unto you the dumb bastard who injects climate change, political pettifogging, or anything over 5 minutes. Get in/get out, and clean up after yourselves.

A few weeks ago I posted something on the passing of Tom Clancy and I as reminded of the impact the written word can have. I listed a few authors that have moved me in the past. One guy I forgot to mention is Stephen King, probably because his work occupied my college and military days, but nothing of significance in the last few decades. The sleepless nights spent digesting Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Shinning, and The Stand. And as usual, his novels did not translate all that well to movies, Hollywood’s shortcoming, not his. But another edition is coming;

In watching videos like this, I am always a bit jaded, figuring that in today’s world everything is staged, is fake, such as this video that I saw a few weeks ago. It took about 5 seconds to find a site debunking it, but here I think there were enough real customers to have some fun with.

You youngsters probably don’t remember the old TV series Candid Camera, no way you could get away with any of that today. Now days unwitting participants would either want royalties to use their likeness, or would sue, inventing some psychological trauma like a break out of hives whenever they see a cat, or a resultant lack of conjugation, a lack of matrimonial consortium, or as the founding fathers would put it, an inability to “refresh the misses”, and a whopping financial settlement would ensue.

The other video I found humorous and discussion worthy came from this weeks SNL, and no, not Katy Perry (although I can’t help it, I think she is hot and that Russel Brand clown is a douche). It distresses me a bit that they broke one of the Man rules and divulged what we would prefer to keep to ourselves, namely, that sometimes a guy just has to dance;

I don’t get the Hollywood trend of late, to get a group of tired has beens together, like Sly Stallone or Arnold, and put them in some kick ass action movie like they still got it. But I have always liked Bruce Willis. He should have kicked Ashton Kutcher’s pasty ass years ago, but I understand the restraint. It matters little that he can’t dance, at least he is not a lib.

SNL has had many face lifts over the years, a few hits and many misses. It does not help that I still remember the great one, the original cast, the Festrunk brothers, land shark, and the Blues Brothers, but this skit is a hit.