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No Crimps In Their Hoses

More shenanigans going on in Southern California, this time with the Venice Fire Dept. renting lending their fire truck out for a porn shoot, pass the popcorn:

You gotta admit, this beats sitting back at the fire station watching Oprah.

Funny, but the first thing that hit me as being inappropriate was them parking their rig in a handicapped spot, where are those meter maids when you need them? And as usual, when stories like this hits, we learn that loaning out City property for porn shoots had been going on for a while now, this is, after all, the porn capital of the world.

I guess none of these guys involved considered the liability aspect of this. Roller bladders are big at Venice Beach, a few running into the back of that fire truck, or say that articulate well spoken porn actress we see falls off of the rig and gets her hoo-ha caught on the gear shifter, not good.

The usual concerns, misappropriation of city property, operating the rig outside of policy, they all apply. Little do these city officials know that after that last bargaining agreement, the fire union got “2 days a month groping porn stars” as part of their contract, that and 2 more sick days.