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Spilled Seamen

Parking your submarine in the wrong dock will get you cashiered quicker then you can say ,”Davy Jones’ Locker”, but really, do we want those unable to work out a simple clandestine affair to be in charge of the missile keys?

Married Navy commander, 43, relieved of duty A WEEK after taking control of ship for ‘getting a woman, 23, he met online pregnant and faking his own death’

This is one of those stories where I am conflicted. Yes, I would like the best and the brightest getting promoted and placed in charge of nuclear submarines (maybe this guy is very good at what he does and knows sub tactics better then most) but if the simple logistics of committing adultery has him baffled, how bright can he be?

I like the story he cooked up about him being in spec. ops., reminds me of that dufus in True Lies, the used car salesman masquerading as CIA to bag chicks ,”Ah, Cairo, we lost a lot of good men in that operation”. And given an alias, also smart, but how did she find out where he lived? Really stupid.

The fake death email, really cheesy, you can tell he is an amateur, he should get smacked around for the way he broke it off. But they were both consenting adults, doubt any laws were broken, any color of authority broached, or any abuse of power brokered (no chubby interns or blue dresses were involved). He (nor she) knew about the pregnancy initially so no impropriety in that regard, sounds like the Navy was ticked off at him for being so sloppy in his affairs.

Last time I checked the military was not like the priesthood, stuff that you do on your own time that does not involve Navy matters should be left off limits, and if every officer got the boot for engaging in extra martial sex, well, we would have a military the size of Grenada.

My initial reaction is that they over reacted. If the president can conduct international affairs over the phone while getting a hummer under his desk, a sub captain can juggle his mistress and wife, and still perform his duties with alacrity.

Naturally, I don’t condone adultery (if I had a dime for every partner I had who fell in love with some cocktail waitress he met on duty and ruined his marriage over it) and you must sleep in the bed you make, but you can be a horned dog and still be good at what you do. People have gone through more elaborate ruses then this, all in the name of getting laid.