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Fake 3-D universe? (UPDATE: or worse?)

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is about to start an unique experiment called the Holometer from which they hope to determine if we really live in a 2-D universe faking 3 dimensions or if the universe really is 3 -D.

Much like characters on a television show would not know that their seemingly 3 – D world exists only on a 2 – D screen, we could be clueless that our 3 – D space is just an illusion. The information about everything in our universe could actually be encoded in tiny packets in two dimensions.

Get close enough to your TV screen and you’ll see pixels, small points of data that make a seamless image if you stand back. Scientists think that the universe’s information may be contained in the same way, and that the natural “pixel size” of space is roughly 10 trillion trillion times smaller than an atom, a distance that physicists refer to as the Planck scale.

“We want to find out whether spacetime is a quantum system just like matter is,” said Craig Hogan, director of Fermilab’s Center for Particle Astrophysics and the developer of the holographic noise theory. “If we see something, it will completely change ideas about space we’ve used for thousands of years.”

Quantum theory suggests that it is impossible to know both the exact location and the exact speed of subatomic particles. If space comes in 2-D bits with limited information about the precise location of objects, then space itself would fall under the same theory of uncertainty . The same way that matter continues to jiggle (as quantum waves) even when cooled to absolute zero, this digitized space should have built-in vibrations even in its lowest energy state.

That’s an interesting take on things. And how does time fit in the whole picture? Heck, there are those that say that that the whole thing is wrong and that mass nor dimensions are real, but by products of nteraction of particles. Does this invalidate the chance for green chicks with hyper sex drives like the “Star Trek” ones? Better yet: can flat chested ladies now claim they are not since it is all an illusion? Inquiring minds want to know.

Now if they could only come up with an experiment that explains why liberals live in la-la land and refuse to let reality intrude on their fantasies of what thing should be like. That would rock the universe as we know it.

Oh oh…

Looks like some people are postulating that “The Big Bang May Not Have Spawned The Universe After All” and have an alternative theory.

This new explanation suggests that the universe might actually be the result of the collapse of a four-dimensional star–a crazy black hole the likes of which we can’t even imagine. Some explanation:

In that model, our three-dimensional (3D) Universe is a membrane, or brane, that floats through a ‘bulk universe’ that has four spatial dimensions. [The] team realized that if the bulk universe contained its own four-dimensional (4D) stars, some of them could collapse, forming 4D black holes in the same way that massive stars in our Universe do: they explode as supernovae, violently ejecting their outer layers, while their inner layers collapse into a black hole.

The idea is that black holes as we know them–3-D black holes, in our known universe–have as a boundary a 2-D membrane, which is called an “event horizon.” But in the event of a 4-D black hole, the event horizon would be a 3-D event horizon–and according to models run by the team, a collapse of a 4-D star would spew material into the 3-D event horizon, slowly expanding over time. That event horizon could be, well, our universe.

Interesting shit. For some reason this is not the first time I have heard this challenge to the Big Bang mentioned, but this is definitely the first time I have heard that someone modeled it and actually did the work to prove it could be what happened. If this can be proved, I think the big question is where did that 4D star and the universe it resides in come from? What would it look like there? And does this thing keep going on ad infinitum with 5D to nD systems existing and infinite universes, each with the possibility of their own infinite offspring, which can then again have their own infinite number of n-x universes, going up and down the chain. And do we then have a 2D hanging out of every black hole in our universe? What the hell would any of that all look like?

The more we think we know, the less it really seems we do and understand. This is some seriously complex stuff out there. This may all be premature and nothing could come from it, but wow, if it pans out, if the reasearch and science prove this could be the reality of how our universe came about, this is really going to shake things up. Lots of work here to chec this out. Exciting stuff. and it may all go nowhere.