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Checking My Balls At The Door

I need a second opinion. Does the fact that I am following the FIFA Woman’s World Cup in Germany make me out as an abject pussy? If I was to add that I usually don’t watch female sports as a general rule (Olympics don’t count) but the US woman’s team has had success in soccer, and there is not much else going on now in the sports world, does this get my man card renewed?

Since I do like the FIFA world cup and since woman’s soccer translates very well when comparing the two, I don’t think this is that big of a stretch. And when you consider the drama that is on folding, holy cow:

It was the sort of game Brazil and the U.S. have come to expect: a classic battle between the most technically talented women and the most athletic.

This time, the athletes won, as the United States notched a 2-2 win on penalty kicks to eliminate Brazil in the quarterfinal of the Women’s World Cup. Hope Solo guessed right to make a diving one-handed save and Ali Krieger nailed the final shot in one of the grittiest wins in history for a U.S. soccer team.

The Americans looked certain to be headed for defeat before a gorgeous stoppage-time goal by Abby Wambach saved the day. Wambach headed in a 50-yard cross from Megan Rapinoe, giving the U.S. new life and a chance to capitalize on a stunning performance from Solo. The Americans now play France in the semifinal Wednesday, with Sweden facing Japan.

You can watch the highlights here.

I admit, I have not been watching the full games ( I will now) but have been watching the highlights every night on the FIFA web site. The other day those cheating Swedes (damn you, kimpost) stole one from the American squad, sending them into a quarter final battle with Brazil, arguably the best team out there.

Much like how the Muslim world hates us because we allow our women folk to prance around uncovered, the soccer world hates us because we are so good at everything else but usually suck at soccer, so they try to screw us every chance they get with absolutely terrible officiating, and the USA/Brazil match was no different. First, that suspected holding call that gave them a free penalty kick, OK, make the call but don’t toss the player, bullshit, so now they have to play the rest of the game one man short. Oh, and since she missed the first penalty kick, let’s make up some other bullshit call and give her a second shot at it. You could plainly see on the video on the second goal that a Brazil players was clearly off sides, but it’s the Americans so just put the whistle away. And how good was that last minute header by Abby Wambach to tie it? This was the bottom of the ninth with two outs, and she hits a home run. And that great save by Hope Solo, Who is Hope Solo?

We want Sweden, getting by France will not be easy, I have watched their video highlights and they are a very athletic team as well. But that Swedish team does this annoying dance after each match, we gotta put an end to that.