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Monday Roundup

I get backlogged on stories. And I hate open tabs. So here’s a smattering of stories I don’t have time to do full blog posts on but thought were interesting.

  • The White House put the kibosh on the Platinum Coin idea, the IOU idea and the 14th Amendment idea and the President had a presser today calling on the GOP to raise the debt ceiling. The death of the Coin caused much angst among the Platinum Front of Judea crowd (who also turned on Jon Stewart when he ridiculed the idea). But it’s yet another data point showing that as dumb as the President can be, he’s not as dumb as his supporters.
  • A good read on a pair of developers who have taken on Philadelphia’s entrenched trade unions. They bid out a project, gave a little over half the contracts to non-union businesses and became the target of union wrath and violence. A peace has been reached but the terms are unclear: the unions are saying the developers’ next project will be all-union, the developers are saying they’ll bid it out to everyone. It will be interesting to see if this cracks the trade union stranglehold on Philadelphia business or if the Pestronk Brothers give in.
  • The minute I heard Lance Armstrong was interviewing with Oprah, I knew he was going to confess. The sky is turning red with lawsuits and the Feds may get involved as well. This is going to get ugly.
  • At the President’s Reddit chat, one question he ignored that has gotten some fun discussion is “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?” I’m not surprised he skipped it since it was probably much more substantive than most of the other questions. To me, it’s not even a question. You choose the horses. Ducks look nice on TV and they behave in a pond. But, like almost all fowl, they can be nasty violent dangerous creatures when they want to be. Horses, too, of course. But I’ve found birds to just be plain mean. Must be that dinosaur heritage.
  • Military suicides hit a record last year. It doesn’t seem to get that much attention, how much strain these wars are putting an increasingly narrow sliver of our nation. Let’s hope our politicians take a break from creating crises to figure out something that will help.
  • I’m sure we can have an argument about one of those things.

    Shovel This

    I remember last year replying to one of Muirgeo’s mindless rants about unemployment ( I kept my dealings with him at a minimum, deducing early on the pointlessness of the endeavor) that the unemployment problem could be solved very easily. Using Americorp or something similar the federal government could fund a program where anybody that wanted a job would be hired at $25 bucks an hour (probably the sum necessary to get the real slackers off of the couch). All would be working an 8 hour day where the first hour they would dig holes with a shovel and the second hour they would fill those holes up (accounting for 10 minute breaks in between of course), and this cycle would continue 4 times a day, ending up where all the holes were filled as to not expose anyone to the hazards of an unfilled hole while walking home. If full employment was your goal, presto chango, America is back to work again, Hallelujah.

    Proud of myself in solving one of the country’s stickier issues I retired for the day with a cold one, not expecting anyone to see my brilliance and act on it. Well, someone has found that nut after all. If you think giving a man a fish is a good idea, wait till you see what he does with a shovel:

    Finally, some people are using their head. With minimal training (this is the end with the handle, this is the end with the spade, insert the spade end into soil, congratulations,honor student) and for the price of a shovel (union made shovel, made right here in America of course) unemployment will be a thing of the past.

    I realize that the video was meant to embarrass the union officials, make them out as some kind of dishonest unethical thugs, but really, their job is to service and elevate their members, not tax payers. This is the status quo. It matters not that the jobs are phony, useless, or redundant with other jobs, getting the members paid doing anything at all is the stated goal.

    Whether it is about union corruption, as the byline states, I don’t know, this is how the wheels are greased in big labor. Public funds are there for the taking, qualifications are more of an after thought. But the union guys are right, it is all about the jobs, everything else is secondary.