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Monday Roundup

I get backlogged on stories. And I hate open tabs. So here’s a smattering of stories I don’t have time to do full blog posts on but thought were interesting.

  • The White House put the kibosh on the Platinum Coin idea, the IOU idea and the 14th Amendment idea and the President had a presser today calling on the GOP to raise the debt ceiling. The death of the Coin caused much angst among the
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    Shovel This

    I remember last year replying to one of Muirgeo’s mindless rants about unemployment ( I kept my dealings with him at a minimum, deducing early on the pointlessness of the endeavor) that the unemployment problem could be solved very easily. Using Americorp or something similar the federal government could fund a program where anybody that wanted a job would be hired at $25 bucks an hour (probably the sum necessary to get the real slackers … Read more