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The CBO Thorn in Obama’s Side

Fresh off their recent report on Obamacare that predicted a decline in the workforce of 2.5 million (partially as a result of employer cutbacks, mostly as a result of people leaving jobs due to high effective marginal rates), the CBO today issued a report on the effect of raising the minimum wage.

Raising the U.S. minimum wage would lead to the loss of about half a million jobs by late 2016 but lift almost a

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A Living Wage! … But Not For You

Liberal pundits and advocates are constantly talking about a “living wage”. The last few years have a been a constant drumbeat about how we need to raise the minimum wage, with some now advocating that Obama should just bypass Congress and do it by executive fiat. It’s even gotten to the point where America’s Dumbest Intellectual deceitfully disputes the basic economic consensus that increasing the minimum wage increases unemployment.

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More lies and manipulation

And as with most of this shit from Obama’s team, it just happened to come about right before the 2012 election! In this case it looks like the unemployment data was manipulated and continues to be manipulated to prevent people from seeing how bad things are:

In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington. The decline

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Another Month, Another Stagnation

Jobs again:

Job growth was less than expected in August as the U.S. economy added 169,000 positions, raising questions over whether the Federal Reserve will begin a pullback on its historically easy monetary policy.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics also said the unemployment rate dropped to 7.3 percent, its lowest since December 2008, but due primarily to fewer Americans in the labor force.

A more encompassing rate that counts the underemployed and those who

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Some real economic and unemployment numbers to help you put our situation into perspective

Mort Zuckerman has an awesome WSJ article about how the claims by the left of an economic recovery are bunk. For years now the LSM and the donkeys have been pretending we have been going through an economic recovery, but that the reason nobody but they saw it as such, was the fact that it was a jobless recovery. Zuckerman takes that idiotic meme apart in this spiffy article. From the article:

In recent

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Obligatory post on the Unemployment bullshit from the LSM.

I am certain the LSM will be all happy to report that unemployment remained steady at 7.6%, and whilethey all were hoping for a drop to 7.5%, this is just great news still. Well, as this Zerohedge post neatly shows, focusing on reported unemployment number outside of the other real factors is stupid.

So much for any doubts about a September taper: with the street expecting a 165K NFP number for June, the actual

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Of Course, We All Know Regulatory Uncertainty Is A Myth

But is regulatory despair?

Nearly all development economists agree that good institutions—legislatures, courts, administrative agencies—are crucial. When poor countries improve their institutions, economic growth soon accelerates. But what about rich countries? If poor countries can get rich by improving their institutions, is it not possible that rich countries can get poor by allowing their institutions to degenerate? I want to suggest that it is.

Consider the evidence from the annual “Doing Business” reports from

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Your Daily AFL-CIO Headdesk

The only time I really have issues with Walmart is when they use the machinery of government to their advantage. They supported the ACA, for example, because it would benefit them. They’ve support eminent domain seizures in the past. Other than that, however, I really don’t understand the Walmart hatred. They provide cheaper products to the poor and middle class thanks to the economy of scale. They are known to hire people with little job … Read more

OH NOEZ! It’s a surprise only if you are an Obama sycophant

The LSM is all aflutter with the “surprise news” that the economy is shrinking! It’s only a suspires if you are a leftard or a member of the LSM that was willing to pretend the economy was just fine because Obama is a genius, while the signs are everywhere that we where heading for another recession.

The U.S. economy posted a stunning drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter, defying expectations for slow

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The Menace of a Double Dip

The initial numbers for 2012 Q4 show the economy shrank at 0.1%. Are we entering a double-dip recession? Ed Morrissey breaks the numbers down a bit:

In other words, much of this drop seems to be a lack of inventory expansion. Real final sales to end purchasers rose, even if it didn’t go up by much. That would indicate that inventory expansion in Q3 and prior periods was based on overly-optimistic views of the economy.

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