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UN passed the internet bill that tyrants wanted to control information flow

The usual tyrants and scumbags that all but guarantee the UN, the most corrupt organization on this planet, will remain in the business of oppressing humanity while pretending to want to do good, passed yet another treaty that will allow governments to control what the sheep can find out. At least the treaty passed with hefty opposition, indicating that some nations know better.

“I say to the 89 states that signed today the treaty, thank you,” said Mohamed al-Ghanim, chairman of the World Conference on International Telecommunication (WICT-12), organised by the ITU in Dubai.

Fifty-five countries did not sign the treaty, he said. “I hope that the 55 states that said do not want to sign the treaty, or need to hold consultations, to think again,” about the treaty that enters effect in January 2015, said Ghanim, who is the chief of the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The treaty that is the first update to the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) agreed in 1988, stirred controversy as Internet operators, activists and countries led by the United States objected to reference to the Internet deemed to be paving the way for government control.

The biggest proponents of the treaty are not accidentally countries like China and Russia, with the other holdovers from the sphere of influence they held in the good old days of the world communism movement, taking up their cause. They want the ability to shut off the free flow of information, because nothing undermines an oppressive and tyrannical state more than the free flow of information. Of course the corrupt UN argued that since there was no specific language allowing just that, the treaty was not doing such a thing, but the facts speak differently.

“This conference was not about the Internet control or Internet governance, and indeed there are no provisions on the Internet,” the ITU secretary general told participants at the signing ceremony.

The United States on Thursday slammed the treaty saying that the proposed text opened the door to government regulation of the Internet.

We would be fools to accept their pretense that because the treaty doesn’t specifically say it allows this, but then goes forth to set up things precisely in such a way that would allow governments to censor the internet, that these fuckers wouldn’t do just that. The only thing holding them back from easily censoring the internet is the fact they do not have the ability to do so easily or completely, and anyone that believes that once they have the means to do that they wont, simply because the UN treaty doesn’t spell it out, is a fucking moron or a lying moron.

I do have to say that I am surprised the US was one of the countries to object to this considering the people in charge. Then again, they do own the LSM and they can censor the interent if they want to – since they do control the infrastructure – so for them it isn’t a big problem.