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There are really two Americas

Glenn Harlan Reynolds has an USA Today article titled “Washington isn’t working“, that is golden. Unfortunately for the class warriors with whom the idiotic two-Americas meme originated, he isn’t giving them their props when he points out that the two Americas are really the one where things get done, and when not there are consequences, and the one that fucks up everything, and where the bigger you fuck up, the bigger your reward is. From the article:

There are two Americas, all right. There’s one that works — where new and creative things happen, where mistakes are corrected, and where excellence is rewarded. Then there’s Washington, where everything is pretty much the opposite. That has been particularly evident over the past week or so. One America can launch rockets. The other America can’t even launch a website.

In Washington, it’s been stalemate, impasse, and theater — the kind of place where a government shutdown leads park rangers to complain, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” Well, yes. The politics don’t work, the websites don’t work — even for the people who manage to log on — and the government shutdown informs us that most of government is “non-essential.” Instead of correcting mistakes or rewarding excellence, it’s mostly finger-pointing, blame-shifting, and excuse-making.

Meanwhile, in the other America — the one where people have their own money and ideas invested, and where they get the credit for their successes and pay the price for their failures — things are going a lot better. Just a couple of examples:

Orbital Sciences Corporation, a private rocket company founded in 1982 by three recent Harvard Business School graduates, successfully berthed and mated its Cygnus spacecraft to the International Space Station. When Orbital Sciences was started, the idea of commercial space launches was seen by most as goofy and science-fictional: Everybody knew that rockets were government stuff. But the three founders — David Thompson, Bruce Ferguson and Scott Webster — had an idea and were able to turn it into a successful corporation.

Likewise, PayPal founder Elon Musk has his own company, SpaceX, which has also successfully berthed a spacecraft at the International Space Station. And last week, SpaceX successfully launched a new version of its Falcon 9 rocket, launching a Canadian weather satellite and three additional smaller satellites into a polar orbit. SpaceX has been around for only a few years and has shown amazing progress in going from zero to spaceflight in such a short time, and at a surprisingly modest budget.

The contrast between the 21st century successes of companies such as Orbital Sciences and SpaceX, and our ongoing government showdowns and screw-ups here on Earth, is particularly striking at the moment. But the tension between these two worlds is always there.

In Washington, penalties for failure are few: Has anyone been fired over the Obamacare launch debacle? Problems are always the fault of circumstances, or the Evil Opposition, or are simply swept under the rug. Of course, that means there’s not much learning from mistakes, and “more of the same, only we’ll try harder!” is a common response. As in The Hunger Games, life is always posh in Capital City; suffering is for the poor schlubs out in the provinces.

In the world that works, on the other hand, mistakes are painful: They cost people jobs, they cost investors money, they result in bad publicity that’s harder to explain away. Thus, people learn from them. Unsurprisingly, the world that works is where the money that Washington spends ultimately comes from.

The problem is that the bigger Washington gets, the less room is left for the world that works. As more and more of American life is taken over by the world of politics — in which wealth is not generated, but taken from one’s opponents and distributed to one’s supporters — a smaller share is left for the world that works.

I think Professor Reynolds is not being forceful enough pointing out thee stark differences between the America that works, the America that produces or gets punished if/when it doesn’t, and the America of our credentialed political elite landlords. About the only thing that our government has going for it these days are our armed forces. And most of us that are familiar with the military know how big of a cluster fuck that usually is as it pertains to bureaucratic bullshit hampering its efficiency to function properly. Compared to that usual dysfunction our armed forces work with, the shit in Washington is so dysfunctional that it is a wonder the country has not imploded.

And he misses the opportunity to point out which political party seems to be the one where one can gain even more stature and clout the more fucked up and destructive what you do is. Could you imagine Chris Dodd and Barney Frank being given the control to rewrite laws after their laws, meddling, and bullshit helped set the stage for the economic downturn that has stuck with us for the last 5 years, in the private sector after they caused that sort of damage? Shit, even the big corporate government-tit-sucking asshats – the companies that have become too big to fail and protect their existence by paying the political class the lucre they demand to write laws in their favor – have to punish their people when they do something dumb and of a lot less damaging consequences.

America has become like the hunger games. While the rest of the country suffers, DC has experienced prosperity and growth. The productive suffer the consequences of the horrible and blatantly self-serving decisions of our credentialed elite political class. The whom along with their lackeys riddling the horribly bloated, all meddling, bureaucratic machine, especially sine the reign of Black Jesus, never have to worry about what the consequences of what they do, are. Remember the IRS employees, obviously serving the political needs of one party, helping said party, by hamstringing their enemies – yes, I said enemy, because to the left these people are the enemy – so they could steal an election, and over 150 days after we find out about it, without, of course, help from the fifth estate, which has become the DNC’s willing propaganda machine, we still have nothing done about it. Nixon got run out of office for less.

But that’s not the only instance of malfeasance. We have an American ambassador murdered, along with 3 others in Benghazi, and the crooks running the country pretend that this blatant act of war that was allowed to occur because they were trying to obviously hide something illegal and unpalatable, is of no consequence. The DOJ is a politicized monster, enforcing the laws willy-nilly to serve a blatant and disgusting political agenda, punishing those that dare get in the way of the masters of one political party, while ignoring crimes from their friends & allies, especially the ones in government. Other organizations run despicable operations to help prop up or cover for these fucks. Remember “Fast & Furious”? An operation that amounted to an act of war on our neighbor to the south. All so they could use the carnage of their own making to sway popular opinion and then disarm a populous they fear will wizen up and turn on them. The list of criminal acts and abuses goes on and on, and is compounded by their economic destructive practices.

It has become impossible to produce without paying the tithe the credentialed elite charge to turn a blind eye on anything they don’t control into oblivion. And if they keep getting their way, these credentialed political elite will make things even worse. Americans need to wake up. We have returned to the feudal system of the middle ages. The middle class is being destroyed. And it is all being done by people that lie about doing things to help us but really are just fucking us over. Both parties are bad, but one of them is just plain and downright evil, and they hold power right now. Just look at what they are doing to make their political game – this shutdown is nothing but a game of power to them – have the most painful impact on people. It’s not an accident that they are spending more money keeping people away from parks and monuments during the shutdown.

And they know who to inconvenience otherwise too. For example, they tried to shut down leisure activity for our troops, while keeping Obama’s golf courses open. And as this drags out expect them to do things that hurt the normal people the most. It’s the same strategy & tantrum tactic that democrats use at the town, county, and state level when threatened with a cut in their lucre stealing activities, where they resort to cutting police, fire fighting and prison guarding services in lieu of letting seat shinning bureaucrats nobody would care about take unpaid vacations. And speaking of unpaid vacations, I should point out that they are going to pay these people furloughed, so they are not really inconvenienced like those of us that need to foot the bill will be.

We do live in two Americas: the real one where we the productive are being screwed, and the other, where our government masters live large. This has to end.