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Hey Mr DJ: Sing-A-Long Edition

There I was: reading an online article about the Oklahoma tornado just a couple of hours after the tornado passed through earlier this week. It described how two elementary schools had been hit and I thought, “Oh, no. Not that. That is depressing.”

Then I stupidly scrolled down to the comments section.

Christians who called for prayer were chided by atheists for supporting a god who kills kids. Pro-gun conservatives behaved like shits and asked aloud why we don’t simply create Tornado Free Zones around schools. Left-wing dickheads bitched about the sequester impacting the National Weather Service.

I’ve lived on one side or the other of the Kansas/Missouri state line for over 30 years. Tornadoes are a fact of life here. They come down, damage things, and move on. Believe it or not, but this has happened and will continue to happen for a million years regardless of the sequester or Eric Holder or anything else we do or don’t fund. Grown-ups used to understand this. Instead, disgusting people in the media followed suit and started posting similar stories within 24 hours. Elementary school kids killed by one of nature’s most powerful and unpredictable agents are used as political props before they’re even found. In my life, I have never seen anything like this.

It’s very, very bad and one of those many things I sometimes point to (usually after the third beer) for proof that American society is so sick and twisted that we would do the human race a favor if we got the 2nd Civil War started and went full nuclear already.

It appears that we’ve reached the point that nobody really gives a damn about what happens to other people unless it somehow benefits their preferred corrupt political party or rigid ideology. Partisan assholes just plant their flags into the chests of the nearest corpses and make their stands. Suffering is something that little people do and when they do, they are turned into props.

We, the People, of course have also gotten a federal government that is fitting for a divisive, uninformed people. Elected and appointed officials have no clue when it comes to performing their duties, much less even a basic concept of the meaning of public service. Not only do these scandals make us look bad, but half the country is willing to tolerate lies, abuses, and political vengeance under color-of-law because doing otherwise would make their own side look bad. It’s amazing what nonsense people will tolerate from their allies simply because their “enemies” are so, so intolerable. The Israeli-Palestinian thing will get fixed before Fox News and MSNBC viewers can just learn to shut up and settle on watching a rerun of “Frasier” on UPN together.

What I am suffering from is a serious case of politics poisoning. There is only one cure: Harmony.

Share songs that people like to sing. Karaoke favorites, arena music, great ballads to sing along with on the car radio, etc. Videos with lyrics are helpful but not required.

Bipartisan Bonus: One dedication for each commenter on the tread with a selection you know each one likes.

That’s all I want. Superficial agreement from everyone, coming out in one voice for a change. Just for one weekend.

Mississippi Yankee: You know when it would totally pay off to be a humorless shit? Poker.

Santino: I happen to believe that one should give for what he takes.


West Virginia Rebel: When you die, don’t be found naked.

stogy: Get your parachute pants.

pfluffy: Baby, you better watch out. Because you are heading right for a zone that is dangerous.

Iconoclast: Just when things went bad doesn’t mean they were always wrong. Except maybe for that line.

InsipiD: No Romance.

bgeek: Somewhere in between my love and agony

Enjoy the three day weekend, America. Try not to hurt anyone.