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Tunisia Attack

Here we go again:

At least 17 people — most of them tourists — were killed in an attack Wednesday at the Bardo museum in Tunisia’s capital, Tunisian Prime Minister Habid Essid said.

Two attackers were also killed, while three attackers are at large, according to Essid.

Tunisia hasn’t been as chaotic as Libya but ISIS has been getting a toehold there. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a connection.

Yemen and Tunisia

A small protest outside our embassy in Tunisia. Other in Morocco and Sudan. Flag burned in Gaza (but that could just be because it’s Thursday). Large violent protests in Egypt and Yemen. But Libya seems to be trying to stay on the sane side and there are indication Libyan government forces fought to defend our ambassador (although security seems to have been generally inadequate). And the supposed offending film keeps getting more mysterious.

But I’m beginning to think the film is a red herring. This seems to be more of a generalized anti-US sentiment spurred by radical Islamists.

Updates as events warrant.