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Found Him

I have often wondered if there is anyone or any action that is so despicable and deplorable that it would give the more strident on the left pause, cause them such uneasiness, even dare I say it, shame. We have seen how easy they cosey up to the OWS crowd and all their anarchy, obviously lawlessness and destruction of private property doesn’t do it. We have seen the high fives they give to the race baiters, how even the most disgusting racist rants are given hugs and kisses, even from the village idiot. Super Pacs creating ads labeling Romney as both felon and murderer, nope they sleep like a baby. Is there any behavior so reprehensible that they would admit ,”Yep, he is nuts, let’s get away from him”? Um, maybe this guy:

Notice how quick he turns his sign around, how the lefty blonde tries to get him to not speak and thus make an ass of himself, and notice the other lefty woman try to usher him down the road and away from them, cooties and all.

Yeah, it’s not as sexy as defecating on a cop car or smashing windows at a local B of A, but truthers need love to.

I am as engaged as the next guy wrt to politics and the direction our country is headed, but to actually wish murder on the opposition, it is rubber room time for this guy.