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The Davis Case

Should Troy Davis be executed? That’s the question the Supreme Court is pondering right now. He was supposed to be executed tonight for a 1989 murder of a cop. But doubts have been raised about his guilt.

You can read William Sessions op-ed here for the details. The short story is that Davis was convicted without direct physical evidence based mostly on the testimony of witnesses, most of whom have since recanted and said they were pressured by police into their testimony.

Having followed the case over the last few days, I have to throw my hands up. I think it’s quite likely that he’s guilty; but I don’t think the case has been proven enough for the irrevocable punishment of execution. This isn’t a case like Mumia Abu Jamal or even Robin Carter, where his supporters are glossing over inconvenient damning evidence. There are serious problems here.

Keep him in jail, sure. But I would prefer not to have another Cameron Todd Willingham on our hands.

Update: If you ever need any example of why I could never be a liberal, I give you Michael Moore, who tweeted tonight that Obama should send federal troops into Georgia to stop the execution. What a dipshit.

Update: Davis was executed tonight. Here is a profile of the officer he was convicted of killing.