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A current phenomena, part of the social network, “everything in my life must be shared because, well, it’s me” society is the public marriage proposal. I really hate these things, unless the guy gets rejected, then it is funny as hell. I suspect that this whole trend feeds in to the “I’m special so events in my life must rivet those around me” attitude that purveys much of today’s Gen Y’ers.

Any first year law student learned in like week one learns that you do not ask a question unless you damn sure know how it is going to be answered. And when discussing major decisions, like Pirelli’s or Michelin’s, inboard or outboard, Glock or Beretta, you should be going into this with your eyes wide open and the eventual outcome preordained.

What precipitated this rant was this story. Some trekkies at a Comic Con convention are standing in line waiting to score an autograph from one of the TV show stars, then Mr. Romantic decides to jam up the line and pull this stunt. No shame at all about even being in line for such an event (how old is that show anyway?), he thinks he will share some of his awesome life with innocent bystanders around him.

But here’s a question, are these public marriage proposals done with the hopes of pressuring the woman into saying yes? Clearly that does not work as evidenced by some of these great vids of public humiliation:

Why the slap? I’m a great lip reader ,” I signed you up for Jenny Craig, don’t want you looking like your mother in 5 years, Oh, and that sore I had on my lip? yyyeeeaaahhh”.

Hey, how about a game ball? A few more:

And Here

Sometimes I think it is all rehearsed, both parties complicit in getting their 15 minutes, but if just one of these guys learns his lesson ,”Don’t settle, you can do better, and next time keep it private, we already laughed at you once”, then my opinion might change for these future leaders of America.