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Media Trips Over Itself To Falsely Redirect Racialist Fools

Those who say that the Zimmerman matter isn’t over yet are correct. The wrongful death lawsuit is coming, the Holder “Justice” Department is desperately exploring its options, and Zimmerman will not be safe in public for years to come (although I believe people will eventually forget).

Still, we are now being treated to an all-new story of racial discrimination. Any of you guys catch wind of the Marissa Alexander case and its comparison to the Zimmerman acquittal yet? I’ve seen it cropping up all over social media over the past few hours.

Late Saturday evening, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The issue of self-defense played a central role in Zimmerman’s not guilty plea and his defense’s argument against the second-degree murder charges, and his acquittal is drawing comparisons in the media to the verdict of another high-profile Florida shooting incident: the case of Marissa Alexander.
Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 for shooting what she described as warning shots into a wall during a confrontation with her husband. Alexander’s lawyers claimed self-defense in the case, and said her husband had a history of abuse in their relationship. They invoked Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which gives people the right to use lethal force if they feel their life is threatened. The jury ultimately sided with prosecutors in deciding Alexander’s actions were not in self-defense

I did MSNBC a favor and emphasized the part they so clearly wanted emphasized. I’m helpful like that.

Keep in mind that you would probably not have heard about this case unless Zimmerman had not been acquitted. As usual, the media cannot be counted on to tell the truth. I have no doubt that you will hear some of your liberal family members and acquaintances using this case as “proof” of the unfairness and racism of Stand Your Ground, but it just isn’t so.

Read up on this case now before it comes up on some blog or around a Labor Day cookout. Here are the facts. Quick read, I promise.

The only way this case would have anything to do with Fla v. Zimmerman is if Zimmerman had invited Martin over to his house for breakfast, showed him some pictures on his cell phone, and then had Martin discover some suggestive texts from Rachel Jenteal. From there, they’d have an argument, and Zimmerman would have been in such fear that instead of leaving the house and summoning police, he would walk over to his parked car in the garage, get his gun, and come back to shoot at Martin’s head as he was trying to leave. From there, Zimmerman would have had to post bail and then show up at Martin’s house (in violation of a court order) to start more shit.

Alexander has nothing to hang onto here. Remember that this case is three years old but the media is making it a point to talk about it NOW while leaving out the key facts about why SYG didn’t apply. It’s disgusting how far the Left is willing to go to undermine lawful self-defense.

I Heard That

Good (warning: auto-play audio at that link):

In a major victory for murder suspect George Zimmerman, a judge Saturday ruled that prosecutors may not put on the witness stand two state audio experts who say the voice heard screaming for help on a 911 call was someone other than Zimmerman.

Those screams, recorded while Zimmerman was fighting with 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, are the most dramatic piece of evidence in the high-profile murder case.

Zimmerman, a former Neighborhood Watch volunteer, says they came from him, that he was calling for help after Trayvon attacked him. Trayvon’s parents say they are from their son and are his last words before Zimmerman shot him in the chest.

Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson had heard three days of testimony about the science used by the state’s experts. On Saturday she ruled that it failed to meet Florida’s legal standard.

Jurors can expect prosecutors to still play the audio. They’ll also likely hear testimony from Trayvon’s mother and perhaps father that the screams came from their son. Zimmerman’s father, Robert Zimmerman Sr., has testified that the voice is his son’s.

Four other experts testified that what these guys are doing is pseudo-scientific bullshit. Since the Zimmerman case surfaced, “audio experts” have been crawling out of the woodwork, making wild claims about racial epithets, prayers and screams heard on phone calls. None of its has crossed me as remotely scientific or accurate. And I’m glad the judge saw through this.

Bullshit forensic testimony is a big problem in the US courts. Some time ago I blogged about the Cameron Todd Willingham case, where a man was convicted and executed for a triple arson murder based on forensic evidence that was slightly more accurate than waving voodoo rattles over the ashes. Radley Balko has written extensively about the completely bogus “bite mark” analysis that was used in many cases in Mississippi. During the Satanic Cult panic of the 80’s and 90’s, we saw many “occult experts” give testimony that was completely made up. One of these “experts” played a key role in the conviction of the West Memphis Three.

Let the jury decide if they hear anything significant on the tapes. I see no reason why some idiot with a computer and a persuasive voice should be allowed to present himself to the jury as an “expert” when he clearly isn’t.

Real Reporting on Zimmerman

The media are finally getting the idea that George Zimmerman is no some character on TV, but a real person. It’s a good read and gives more background to the situation and him, showing us both his good and bad sides. As you read it, remember how the left wing blogs quickly proclaimed Zimmerman to be an obvious racist, a vigilante thug and a cold-blooded killer.

You can also read about the long history this prosecutor has of over-reach in bringing charges. The case of Marissa Alexander is looking like a travesty of justice far outshining what’s going on in the Martin case. It should be on the nightly news at least as often as the Martin case is.

More of this, please. It’s called “reporting”, for media members who are a little confused by pieces that don’t consist entirely of quotes from the powerful.

Zimmerman Charged

With second-degree murder. I’m not sure that the special prosecutor has done anyone any favors here. It’s going to be difficult to convict him of second-degree murder given the ambiguities in some of the testimony. And if he’s acquitted, no one is going to say, “Well, at least he was charged.”

The prosecutor said she doesn’t prosecute by public petition. But her demeanor is not that of someone who hates the spotlight. I have a bad feeling about this. Well, a worse one.

The Trayvon Martin case revisited – Part 2

One of the commenters posting on my previous Zimmerman – Martin shooting aftermath post had this comment to make:

Zimmerman’s injuries do not automatically exonerate him of any wrong-doing, and by pursuing Martin for zero justifiable reasons,

Oh, how wrong did the poster get this, and I am talking big-time wrong. Granted, if you got your facts only from the LSM you would believe that Zimmerman was told to stand down by the authorities, disobeyed that order for what clearly looks like a want to start a confrontation, and then because he was a racist, and went looking for a chance to shoot someone. So we can forgive people that are not aware of the details. In fact, I am convinced this story is being hyped to help the democrats and Obama deflect attention from the real problems we have going on right now. The bad economy, the problem with Iran, gas prices, the SCOTUS review of that constitution shredding Obamacare travesty. You name it, a ton of horrible things are being crowded out by a manufactured crisis that lets the left again go back to the tried and true racial narrative they so rely on to make the country look evil, and then engender the usual emotional appeal from the idiots that vote for them. But the facts that Zimmerman did nothing wrong are out there. It’s just that the LSM is avoiding them for a reason. Lets take a look at them.

From what I am finding out, despite the LSM’s best attempts to cover it all up – they are ignoring the evidence they don’t like- Zimmerman had good reason to follow this kid. This neighborhood had been experiencing a lot of trouble with burglaries. A lot. And in every case the perps got away because the response time of the authorities was too slow or the criminals cleared out before being detected. And that’s why they had the watch to begin with. They where trying to be proactive.

If you have only gotten your information from the LSM you would also believe that Zimmerman was told not to do something by people with the authority to do so, and that he chose to violate that order, went after an innocent kid, and hence he should be considered the aggressor. This seems to be massive bullshit when you get the facts. And yeah, you could argue that a sensationalized story about racial tensions sells more paper, but that would be attributing nobler motives to the media than what I truly suspected was the main driver behind this pack of lies. Duke Lacrosse case anyone? I suspect that it’s the narrative more than the need to sell papers.

Where to begin with the details of this story? First off, I again want to stress how the LSM has manipulated this story from the get go. As others have already pointed out, the photos of this man, Trayvon Martin, are from when he was 12 and intentionally used to make him look cute and harmless. I have a feeling that more recent photos wouldn’t do any of that. Obama sure as hell wouldn’t be claiming em as a long lost child of his. The fact is that Martin is 17, is 6’ 2” tall, a football player, a self avowed gangbanger, has been in trouble with the school and the law, not once but on numerous occasion, and was staying in this community because of these troubles in his past, was all glanced over and covered up. Martin was no innocent victim, but definitely a dangerous hoodlum with a definite chip on his shoulder. That’s not speculation: that’s information that is out there but not being carried by the LSM.

And what about the LSM’s initial characterization of Zimmerman as white, despite the fact that the police report clearly identifies Zimmerman as Hispanic? Seriously. Red flags anyone? Can you imagine we didn’t have the internets and bloggers carrying the story from the local media so we could actually find out the LSM was selling us a massive shit sandwich nationally? When you find out Zimmerman is Hispanic, has tons of black friends, and in general is a nice guy, it gets harder to sell the race crime narrative.

Then we have the whole phone conversation between Zimmerman and 9-1-1. There are so many distortions of this call that it is mind boggling to me. Start off with the fact that Zimmerman was not talking with the police, but with the 9-1-1 dispatcher. Huge difference between that and what the LSM reports. I have no doubt that the LSM reporters purposefully chose not make this distinction so they could then help create the illusion Zimmerman violated a direct order from someone with authority. The fact is that a 9-1-1 dispatcher has no authority to tell Zimmerman what to do: a dispatcher isn’t a policeman, as the LSM stories have claimed, while Zimmerman was doing his duty as a neighborhood watchman. That distinction alone should be enough to kill that angle of the story.

But the LSM setup and distortion of what happened between Zimmerman and the 9-1-1 dispatcher doesn’t end there. What is even more frustrating to me is that when the dispatcher told Zimmerman not do follow Martin, this was because Zimmerman had told the dispatcher that the suspect he was following in his car had bolted between two houses, in what clearly looked like an attempt to get away, and considering the history of how many times burglars had gotten away in the past, he was not going to have any of that, if he could avoid it. The LSM has conveniently left this crucial detail out, which the police report clearly states, and it paints a completely different picture of why Zimmerman is following Martin. The whole “He was a cowboy looking to get off some shots and a racist to boot” bullshit is much harder to sell when you have these details.

Then there are the witnesses and their reports. It’s obvious from their account that Martin was definitely the aggressor – he had the upper hand and was on top of Zimmerman – and Zimmerman responded with force after a struggle and while fearing for his life. There even are reports that Zimmerman was trying to get away from Martin before the altercation ensued. I have even heard, and they are unsubstantiated rumors I want to point out, that Martin had struggled with Zimmerman over the gun, which had been holstered, and that during the struggle shots had been fired. The bruises and broken nose Zimmerman incurred sure prove he was beat up by Martin in the process of whatever was going on. I admit I have no details on Martin’s state other than he was shot. But considering how the LSM has been reporting this, I find it highly doubtful that there were bruises on him indicating he was jumped and they simply didn’t report them. Common sense dictates that most of the “what if” scenarios, at least the credible ones, give Martin the upper hand and identify him as the one meting out physical punishment.

The issue that remains is who started it. We might never find out. Could it have been Zimmerman? Sure. However, considering all I know about Trayvon Martin now, despite the LSM’s attempt to obfuscate the facts I need to add, I find it completely plausible and far more likely that he accosted Zimmerman for daring to follow him. Martin considers himself a gang banger. That’s his profile and image, not my take on it. Why would he let some punk ass honkey like Zimmerman give him shit? He didn’t like being followed, and even if he had not been up to anything bad, this ticked him off.

Heck, beating up that idiot white boy dissing him also gives him street creds with his gangbanger homeys. Or maybe he was up to no good and figured he wanted to make sure he got away. All he needed to go off was Zimmerman talking to him or grabbing his arm. The police sure as hell must have believed this the far more credible scenario because they would have arrested Zimmerman otherwise. I know the usual race mongers are saying the police was racist about this, just didn’t care, had a black dead guy they could blame, and moved on, but I find that hard to believe.

Bear in mind that one of the things that remains a mystery to many people is why it took Martin’s relatives a full 3 days to contact the cops and hence claim his remains. That sets off all kinds of red flags for me. Are they used to this sort of behavior from him? Did Trayvon run away before? Did they not see the commotion and the police inside the gated community and wonder WTF was going on? Something is off here.

I am convinced now, after learning some of these details that the police found and documented, and which convinced them of Zimmerman’s story of being truthful, that the attempt to blame the authorities and pretend they didn’t do a good enough investigation will also backfire on these people. They take these things real seriously. If even one thing had been off I suspect they would have arrested Zimmerman pending further investigation. They did no such thing.

My guess is that the LSM will keep these flames stoked for as long as it can to help the left push the narrative and avoid talking about the real bad shit they are doing. In the mean time one man is dead and another will suffer for that death. But I will be real surprised, knowing what I do now, if we find out that this wasn’t just a case of a kid fancying himself a dangerous thug misjudging the situation and getting killed. A tragedy for sure, but not as tragic as the media firestorm and the reason I believe is behind it.

The commenter concluded their post with the following:

As always we await the judicial process to do the best it can (we hope) to figure this out.

I sure hope we get some of that, but these days and with the current media I doubt that’s gonna be the case.