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The TSA Shooting

I’ve been holding back on commenting on Friday’s shooting since I wanted to wait for facts to come out. Much hay is being made of the shooter’s crackpot views about the New World Order and the fact that he obtained his guns legally. Of course, this tells us very little since most gun violence does not involve political views at all and involves guns obtained illegally, according to the FBI’s own research. Focusing on these … Read more

The VIPR in the Grass

What could possibly go wrong:

As hundreds of commuters emerged from Amtrak and commuter trains at Union Station on a recent morning, an armed squad of men and women dressed in bulletproof vests made their way through the crowds.

The squad was not with the Washington police department or Amtrak’s police force, but was one of the Transportation Security Administration’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response squads — VIPR teams for short — assigned to

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The Stabby Skies

Last week, TSA, in its never-ending quest to make air travel more complicated and arbitrary, decided to allow small knives back on planes. Apparently, this is controversial. But as I see it, the only real controversy is why they are only lifting the ban on small knives.

I realize that talking sensibly about terror threats is considered insensitive. We’re all supposed to be in a constant mindset of PANIC!! But let’s be honest: the … Read more

Why should they worry? You are paying for it anyway.

The next time you hear some leftard or their mouth pieces in the LSM crying about how painful any kind of government cuts are to make remember this story about the TSA spending money when the seqeuster kicks in. In a nutshell:

Under their new collective bargaining agreement, Transportation Security Administration officers get to spend more taxpayer money on their uniforms every year than a United States Marine Corps lieutenant can spend in a

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Spice That Up For You?

I’m assuming this is not perverts pretending to be TSA agents so they can put stuff in our drinks:

The latest — well, not the latest, actually, just finally picked up by the mainstream media — is that TSA agents, while randomly roaming around at the gate, well past the checkpoint, are not only singling out passengers for yet another grope or a paw through the bags, but also “testing” the beverages they’re drinking.


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The TSA Follies: A Trifecta

You ever get the feeling that the TSA is trying to piss us off?

A few readers have pointed to a story on Facebook, posted by a Montana mom who was flying home from Kansas with her two young children and their grandmother.

According to the poster, she and her kids got through the checkpoint without trouble but grandma had triggered the alarm. She went through the scanner again, but the screener could not firmly

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Fooling the Nudie Scanners

At first, I didn’t think that this video was legit. But TSA’s weak-sauce response leads me to believe it’s accurate:

TSA is largely about theater — giving the illusion of safety. They rely on Americans to think that if we’re being humiliated so thoroughly — taking our shoes off, taking out laptops out, getting scanned, patted and questioned — it must be doing some good. But I remain unconvinced. I think it’s very likely that … Read more

The Year in TSA

Hmmm. The TSA blog had a proud post up about their successes in 2011. Let’s go through the list and see how many involve terrorists, shall we?

#10 was live animals caught in MIA and LAX. These were, um, not even weapons. And the smugglers were not terrorists.

#9 was a science project that looked like an explosive. So, um, not weapons. And not a terrorist.

#8 was a metallic martial arms spike. It was … Read more

The DHS Follies

I sometimes wonder if the Homeland Security — and the Transportation Security Agency in particular — shouldn’t just take the plunge and change their acronym to WTF:

Vanessa Gibbs, 17, claims the Transportation Security Administration stopped her at the security gate because of the design of a gun on her handbag.

Gibbs said she had no problem going through security at Jacksonville International Airport, but rather, when she headed home from Virginia.


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If they had done this when GWB was president…

I am sure the LSM would have gone bonkers, the left would have been furious, the accusations of racism, sexism, and profiling would have been all over the place, and the practice would have ended up dead. Oh, wait a second, that idea was floated when GWB was president, right after 9-11 if I recall, and it was killed immediately with precisely the above accusations – the language used however was far more colorful than … Read more

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