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Tax insanity to keep the behemoth from dying..

Check out the latest plan by the people that feel gas is too cheap: tax mileage.

The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive. The plan is a part of the administration’s “Transportation Opportunities Act,” an undated draft of which was obtained this week by Transportation Weekly. This follows a March Congressional Budget Office report that supported the idea of taxing drivers based on miles driven. Among other things, CBO suggested that a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on each car to determine how many miles were driven; payment could take place electronically at filling stations.

So not only are they going to make vehicles more expensive – who do you think will have to pay for this mileage tracking equipment, huh? – they want to milk you for driving around. They may pretend that it’s about raising revenue, but it’s obvious that the end result of this policy is to force people to use public transportation – so all those demcorat friendly & donor corporations that stand to gain billions in tax payer subsidized projects can rake in even more cash – and to control & limit the average serf’s mobility. Oh yeah, this new tax will of course be on top of an already existing federal gas tax and whatever state gas tax there may be as well.

What’s next? They are going to want to tax bowel movements? Breathing? People have to do those sooner than later, and thus, they can make some serious cash from that all. It’s just getting ridiculous what these crooks are doing “for the good of us all”. This nanny state is quickly turning into a real tyrannical and abusive state.