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Correct Message, Piss Poor Delivery

Being right does not absolve you of decorum, it does not grant you permission to become an autocrat, and it certainly does not come with a get out of jail free card. The proper message must be accompanied by a proper delivery, otherwise culpability for the wrong can be diminished and you could end up somewhat lighter in the wallet, no points are given for good intentions.

An outraged parent decided to attend a school board meeting to voice his displeasure at reading material that was given to his 14 year old daughter as an assignment;

A New Hampshire parent was arrested Monday night at a school board meeting after complaining to officials about a book sent home with his 14-year-old daughter that contained graphic sexual content.

The book in question, “Nineteen Minutes” by Jodi Picoult, was given to ninth-grade students in Gilford, N.H., to read. School officials say the book has important themes related to a school shooting. It also contains a graphic sexual encounter between two teenagers.

The book had been given to students in the past, but a letter to parents ahead of time was always mailed out. No letter was sent this year because of an apparent oversight, station WCVB reports.

First off, my general opinion on most school boards (most teachers included) is that they like to hide behind their sanctimony, secure in the misguided belief that they know best, taking In Loco Parentis to absolutely absurd levels, their passion for molding young minds into the progressive mindset (boo global warming, boo the imperialism of past America, yea diversity, a fair wage for like everyone, oh, and girls are good, boys, not so much), undoing the damage of parents that actually try to parent, this passion is only matched by their continual whining about them being over worked (8 months out of the year) and under paid.

This particular story is making the rounds on the right leaning blogs, a natural uproar over the first amendment and out of control police dept.’s, but I had a different take on it, hence the post.

Considering that this guy attended the meeting for the purpose of getting arrested (like this little stunt is going to make the board feel real bad about them effing up on the parent notice they forgot to mail out), I have no sympathy for him, an attorney no less, nice move counselor. Notice his buddy with the camera, notice the comment ,”Where is the news crew?”, they staged this event but nobody showed up. Considering that the cops were already present at the board meeting (hardly standard procedure) I’m betting that he gave them a heads up that he was going to intentionally get arrested as some sort of protest.

I am also amused at the hue and cry about a free speech violation. At public hearings (and this goes for all hearings) there are rules to abide by. Nobody was censoring him or denying him his right to speak, but the parameters of that speech are defined, you get 2 minutes like everyone else. And if these rules are too confining for you, voice your displeasure or protest some other way.

Clearly this drama queen was disruptive to the proceedings. He had his say, but he wanted more so on he went on. Then after being told he would have to leave he “volunteered” to get arrested ,”Why don’t you have me arrested as a civics lesson, nice first amendment”. He was asked to leave and he responded ,”I guess you are going to have to arrest me”.

Then the crying with ,”my arm is messed up”, hey Sparky, when you get arrested (your call, BTW) you get handcuffed, too bad. I haven’t clue why the cop later puts the cuffs to the front, again, not standard procedure.

I have written other posts on out of control schools, the civil liberty abuses and the prying of personal information none of their business, all under the guise of “the welfare of the kids”, this incident falls right in line. They fall all over themselves in their efforts to not offend other religions and faiths, yet, the normal sensibilities of parents that want to monitor what their kids are taught and what books they are assigned to read, just a nuisance, an annoyance to those that know what is best and have little patience having to explain themselves to the unwashed.