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Growing to like it..

CNN has a poll they released yesterday questioning respondents about what Dingy Harry Reid called the worst piece of legislation ever – yeah worse than Obamacare.. impossible! – which for those of you living under a rock, is the bill proposed by the Republican controlled house referred to as the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. This bill, which amongst other things comes with cuts over $100 billion, immediately, from the 2012 fiscal budget, caps and rolls back federal spending to under 20% – which I still feel is ridiculously high – and then not until 2021, which I also feel is way too far out there, and finally sets the stage for a balanced budget amendment as a prerequisite to allowing he debt limit to be raised, is a good first step. And contrary to the lies from the usual lefty morons, it doesn’t touch either the holy social programs that are on pace to bankrupt the country soon, like Social Security & Medicare, nor touch the other benefit Obama threatened to hold hostage if he didn’t get his way: Veteran benefits. It’s a good first step, but that’s all it is. Too few cuts happen now, and too much of the promised reduction is hanging out there, too far in the future, to be taken seriously. But IMO, that balanced amendment thing makes all of it worth the trouble.

So back to the poll. I am sure the idiots at CNN where surprised by their results, which went against what they hoped for even when they likely rigged the sample to favor the left’s point of view, and ended up having to spin heavily when reporting on it. But the fact is indisputable: they result was 2 to 1 in FAVOR of the bill. Sane Americans want smaller government, despite what the left tells us.

Of course, the left’s leadership’s reaction to that is, and Reid has basically made it clear, is to kill this bill in the Senate. Why? Double why, when some 20 democrat senators like the deal. Well, it seems that we got the truth from the House Minority leader, Steny Hoyer, whom basically pointed out that the amendment would make the democrat’s top priority – to raise taxes on people to feed the monster and grow it bigger – a near impossibility. And he basically also makes the case against the amendment on the basis that only a fringe bunch of insane fiscal conservatives, that have no home other than the republican party, are the only ones that want to thwart what he and the other Obamanauts want. I guess he missed that CNN poll or actually believed the spin by CNN when they reported the results. The left is pissed that they can’t hike taxes. Yes, they really are. Makes me want to smile.