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I always liked Gene Simmons despite the fact that all that makeup seemed kooky

And the more I hear the guy talk, the more I get the why. Gene is a no-nonsense guy, and considering how full of douche bag leftards the music industry is infested with, a welcome and fresh breath. Anyhoo, he just again showed how fucked up the left is in discussing the issue of Tebow and his religion.

As an agnostic I do not feel threatened by truly religious people, unless they come after me personally. I have far more fear of the new religions that collectivism spawned – state worship in whatever form – than I do of most of the old religions, with one exception. And that exception is because that one religion is not really a religion, but a very dangerous political system using religion as a means of global conquest. I do not like people that think they have to legislate my behavior so it suits their beliefs, be it because of old or new religion, and I despise the ones that demand I kiss their ass and worship their barbarism or have my head sawed off.

Tebow’s character, his work ethic, his personality should be and is inspirational, even to me. I think that’s one of the main reasons people hate this guy and want him to fail. You do not even have to think he is a decent, let alone good quarterback, and I think he is just so-so for the NFL, to respect the man and his ethics. Even when you don’t buy into religion. That’s precisely why the left, and the world of sports seems to be overrun with these leftists too, seem so bent out of shape about Tebow.



OK, here’s the question, say you got a job but you are not very good at what you do (we will pick at random, oh, being a quarterback in the NFL), you got the support of your boss and your co workers and you are really trying, but not cutting it for the simple fact that your skills are lacking and sub standard, but instead of the usual grumblings and……wait for it……Monday morning quarterbacking, the folks turn your name into a verb, and a new movement is created, but the movement kinda makes fun of you, are you insulted or elated?

Here we go:

Introducing Tebowing. It’s like planking, but dumber.It wasn’t enough that Tim Tebow dominated NFL headlines for a week with his comeback win over the Dolphins on Sunday. No, “Tebow” has to be a verb now, too.

What does it mean? To Tebow is “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” That’s according to Tebowing.com, your new Internet home for Tebowing.

And if you go to tebowing.com, you see more of it in action.

I gotta tell ya, this is cracking me up.

Yesterday the Detroit Lions not only put a pasting on Tebow, but decided to get into the act:

Tim Tebow, being a spiritual guy, takes it all in stride, and so far (wait till he strings 3 losses in a row together) the fans are OK with it.

Tebow had a monster career in college, but literally hit a brick wall with The Broncos, and he’s not the first. He is a good athlete but can’t read defenses, and is not accurate in his passes. His work ethic is good so maybe, with practice, he can learn these skills.

There has been a lot of controversy over the years (Kurt Warner?) concerning sports figures thanking God or Jesus after a victory (like he really cares about some dumb sporting event). As long as what they are doing is legal, I got no problem with athletes trying to get “an edge”, thank whoever or whatever you think helped you get there. New #1 in tennis, Novak Djokovic, has been very vocal about his new gluten free diet and how that has propelled him to the top.

Whatever your motivation, and if the fans can get a little fun out of it, contort away. But the movement is not complete until there is photo documentation of some couple Tebowing mid coitus, Tebowing on top of the Empire State building, one on the top of Half Dome, and a tebower mid bow in a barrel going over Niagara falls.