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Seeing The Forrest For The Trees

I’m always on the look out for a compelling political ad, and with 3 weeks to go (thank God) we should get a few more from the avalanche to follow. I found one from one of those job creators we have been talking about of late, not from a politician, an academician, or a lobbyist, nope, this is from a guy that has walked the walk, has experienced the American dream first hand and knows what is talking about:

What do you think?

It is interesting, much like the Jamaican lady in the Rock/Penn video, that immigrants, those folks that had to make an effort to get here, mostly share a very American attitude, that being an appreciation and affection for those “benefits” that many natives take for granted.The ability to write your own ticket regardless of where you came from, that is a powerful motivator, and this guy encapsulates that message perfectly. Fleeing a communist country (Hungary) while it was still communist, coming here with no money unable to speak English but having an appreciation for freedom, he ends up the head of large corporation, which he started himself, rich and employs thousands of people. Yeah, I’d say he has earned the right to lecture us.

They say that things you earn yourself you have a better appreciation for and value more. Similarly those folks that experienced poverty [raising hand] and got out, those that grew up in a communist country but got out and made it to America, they can properly evaluate their new station because they have a point of reference.

Maybe that is why of those countries that have a flat tax system, most are ex soviet bloc countries that have felt the boot of government oppression on their necks;

Today there are at least forty governments with flat tax type systems, most of which made the switch in just the last decade.

These include: Estonia (1994, 21%), Lithuania (1994,15%), Latvia (1995, 23%), Russia (2001, 13%), Serbia (2003, 12%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2004, 10%), Slovakia (2004, 19%), Ukraine (2004, 15%), Georgia (2005, 20%), Romania (2005, 16%), Turkmenistan (2005, 10%), Kyrgyztan (2006, 10%), Albania (2007, 10%), Mongolia (2007, 10%), Kazakhstan (2007, 10%), Mauritius (2007, 15%), Tajikistan (2007, 13%), Bulgaria (2008, 10%), Czech Republic (2008, 15%), Belarus (2009, 12%), Seychelles (2010, 15%) and Hungary (2011, 16%).

Freedom is contagious, and the freedom is keep more of your own hard earned money trumps most everything else.