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That’s not what he said…

I was reading Navy Times article titled “Decorated SEAL Rob O’Neill supports women in special operations” because I was surprised to hear anyone outside of the PC crowd claiming this was a good idea, and as I suspected, the title of the article was bogus. Why do I say that? Here is the opening paragraph:

Former Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Rob O’Neill said on Tuesday that he supports women joining the nation’s elite special operations teams, becoming the highest-profile special operations veteran to support the controversial effort.

If you read only that opening paragraph and the article’s title, you get the impression that O’Neil is bucking top brass and going against the trend and pushback from the SPECOPS commanders. The article even makes that claim:

O’Neill voiced his support, bucking the trend of high-ranking officers, special operators and other combat veterans decrying the move.

Except, that’s not even close to the truth. What follows is the critical point:

“If they don’t lower the standards and they can pass them, sure,” he said.

And that’s the critical item here. Most SPECOPS operators, and I suspect O’Neil as well, have no doubt that no women will pass with todays standards in place. What he said after that one comment is all crap to cover his own ass from the idiot PC crowd which has made a habit out of destroying those that get in their way.

The truth is that the commanders that are voicing concerns about this mandate have legitimate reasons for their gripe. They have seen a separate set of much lower standard be created, by congressional fiat, to accommodate the fact even the basic standards would have resulted in the exclusion of all but a handful of women (biology and reality will not bend to anyone’s PC fantasies), and they are under no delusion that these PC idiots will do the same to the SPECOPS programs, resulting in the loss of life.

Liberalism is about bucking reality, and then, when things go wrong, blaming others for that problem. Me, I suspect that the fucking PC assholes pushing for this know exactly what they are doing: degrading the effectiveness of SPECOPS programs and setting up an incident where Americans will be forced to view some brutal and ugly death scene and turn even more risk averse. This is all part and parcel of that fundamental change that turns America and the things that keep America on top into shit.

I do not for a second believe that if these SPECOPS groups actually open doors to women, with the same standards men have to pass in place, that when no woman can pass the brutal regime, the standards for women will end up lowered by order of the PC police. The PC police will then claim victory, and pretend that despite them lowering standards, some level of equality exists where it doesn’t. Nature and biology are a bitch, and we ignore reality at our own peril. Men and women can be do the same things in many spaces, but when it comes to pure physical strength and the ability to endure extreme physical punishment, there is an undeniable difference.