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For the metrosexuals amongst us…

It now looks like you can now let your inner woman run loose, if you are one of those down under dudes with doubts about what what’s many or not:

If you’re a man and have ever wanted to dress in women’s lingerie a firm has come up with the perfect product for you.

HommeMystere are hoping their new range of lingerie for males, which includes thongs and padded bras, will change the landscape

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Things you might not tell your grandchildren happened to you…

Yeah, I know tatcher died and I should be writing about that, but I was way more fascinated by this story:

Toronto police are looking for four female suspects who they say allegedly sexually assaulted a 19-year-old man.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of Sunday, March 31, after the man met the four women at a nightclub near King Street and University Avenue. The man left the club with the women

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This sounds too crazy to believe..

But the Chinese state media is reporting that they had a major stretch of an elevated highway collapse from a fireworks explosion. Now I understand the Chinese likely build this thing with sub par materials, but I have a hard time picturing a truck full of fireworks of any kind doing this sort of damage to a structure that is supposed to support real heavy weights. And you have to wonder when the article … Read more