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UK Votes

Two months ago, Theresa May called for a snap election to strengthen her position going into Brexit. It looked like a great decision — the conservatives were leading massively in the polls. But she promptly blew all that and, tonight, it looks like the conservatives will lose their majority and have a hung parliament. Labour — lead by Marxist terrorist-loving twat Jeremy Corbyn — picked up a lot of seats but not enough to take the parliament. May is likely to step down tomorrow.

May pulled a Clinton on the UK — managed to lose an unlosable election. Crazy times.

Oooh, Snap!

Theresa May, the new Prime Minster of the UK has called for a snap election on June 8 in an effort to strengthen her mandate going into the Brexit. Labour and Lib-Dem have agreed, so the election will be going forward.

Right now, the Conservatives are heavily favored to win, partly because Labor is in complete disarray after the rise of far left loon Jeremy Corbyn. But also because the Brexit issue has united conservatives, pulling Euro-skeptics away from UKIP and making inroads on traditional labor constituencies. May would be a fool not to call a snap election right now.

There are two months until the election, of course. Labour will probably rally a bit. The Scottish National Party will have its say as they try to push for independence and membership in the EU. But right now, this has the early look of a vote that will put the conservatives in the kind of position they haven’t held since Thatcher. That will give May a chance to make Brexit work while not isolating Britain from the global economy.